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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by 2christo, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. 2christo

    2christo Guest

    Greetings, This week I need to import a movie (Low rez) and mutiple audio stems from Adobe Premiere 6.0 (PC) to DP 3 (Mac)

    Physical import, not a problem: audio file formats compatible, etc.

    Challenge: keeping Audio locked to movie and vice-versa for transfer. All audio relates to specific scenes, no full-movie segments .
    Advice appreciated!

  2. D-Edge

    D-Edge Guest

    Hey Chris,
    I don't know if this will help, but the last movie I worked on I used the Import OMF file in DP. Of course this only helps if Premiere can export an OMF. WE were using Final Cut Pro. The thing about FCP is that when it exports on OMF file it contains the EDL and the raw audio, if you allready have the raw audio (and they are all the exact names of the files in Premiere) than you should see if Premiere will just export the EDL part of the OMF. An OMF file (from AVID) is a good way of avoiding the sync headache.
    When I was working on the last film the movie was broken into logical chunks of 5-10min by the editor. He would than spit out an OMF, I would import it and I had the exact same audio cut that he had in FCP, I could then import the corresponding chunk Quicktime mov file w/audio into DP. You can bring up the audio volume in the Movie window in DP and make sure it syncs with your OMF imported audio (it should). Then you have sync between audio and picture for laying in FX and Music.
    If Premiere doesn't have OMF export it might be more of a difficult undertaking, let me know if this helped at all or if you have more ?'s

    Oh- and a last note...if Premiere can export an OMF make sure it is exported with the largest handles (audio past the EDL cut) possible so that you have room to change the edit points and do better x-fades.
  3. 2christo

    2christo Guest

    DC-Edge, Thanks for your insights into this issue. All went basically as you specified; there is no OMF export from Adobe Premiere, but chopping the movie into logical chunks,
    importing them in DP along with the associated audio files, done "wall to wall," bringing up the audio associated with the movie to check sync with added sfx and dialogue, all worked fine.

    Looking forward to the next one!
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