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    Jul 2, 2002
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    i recorded these 3 songs for one of my best friends. the first two were done in a home studio with a Soundcraft Spirit and a Fostex G16 dolby s machine, Alesis and Yamaha reverbs and Alesis compressors. the last cut was done in a bedroom with a Tascam 38 (no n/r) a Fostex 450 mixer and a Yamaha stage mixer for front end, a bi amp quad limiter and Yamaha and Alesis reverbs.

    i played electric guitars and bass and another best friend of mine (John Earp: RIP) played drums on the first two and i programed the drums on a Yamaha RX11 on the third cut.. ... we had all been buddies since jr high ...the classical guitar on Crossfire was played by Scott Golberg and the keys were played by Roger Marlow, both well known players in the Bay Area. a fond memory i like to dig out once in a while.
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    Song 1 is my favorite.

    listening as I type. I'd love to remix this, but only because I would give it a current flavour. Things I would focus on are: center the lead vox, open the drums up a bit more.
    I like how you spread the vocals here and would keep that but in a remix I would turn the vox sides down a bit while adding more center. Drums I would add some overhead/room simulation and play with that while focusing on the balance with the center vox .
    I also in-vision an added mild distortion guitar in certain parts just to add a bit more impact.

    This song has a lot of potential. I loved the intro harmonies too. tasty.
    The electric guitar reminds me of some Men AT Work flavor. One of my favourite bands of the 80's.

    Nice one!

    Song 2.

    I have a similar opinion as track one.

    Song 3.

    Cool song but vocals are buried. I love the stab brass.

    Song 4. (was there a forth song?) must have carried on to the next ...

    Not my favorite, I never like phase and this one is really phasy to me. Both intentional and also part of your gear used I'm guessing?

    Thanks for sharing these Kurt. I love how tape is so smooth but I also love how digital has improved definition. I don't miss tape because of that added mud.

    I wish more members would share their work. I respect those that step up and do this. Right on.thumb
  3. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    ohhh! i'm glad you caught that! i'm going to sound cloud right now and change that! there are two versions of the suite. like you i'm not real wild about that last song. i edited it off but i guess i downloaded the wrong version.

    any time you want to mess with stuff i post please feel free .. no need to ask. i loved what you did to "in my dreams" ...

    part of the reason for the phaseness and mud is the only copy i have left of these songs that i can find were on cassette. ehhhhh...duh i was hoping you would want to try and remix to improve it. i don't know if i will ever find the digital masters ..

    p.s. ok i fixed it. i also enable download.

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