CRT TV (w/AVinput) used in lieu of monitor (more affordable)

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Jbon, Aug 2, 2004.

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    I am very close to stepping off into a pioneering "purchase"area (for all intents&purposes) nobody(in my world) has done it too much as far as I know or can get folks to say, but I am very curious to know just how badly the resulting effect actually is in the doing, I mean, now that I have a Matrox card, my "pc" is now tv compatible but , & Iwant to find out how useful it is (since walmart has 20-inch"AV"supported flat-screen-CRT-TV for97$"Symphonic")(as a monitor with a DAW)

    And I have managed to acquire myself a MatroxG450eTV video card, so I can run dual monitors, or a tv and a monitor, I think the tv must be "AV" compatible, for it to work, but not many folks can say much about tv quality in the role of "monitor", or often times, this has been my experiences,of course where you ask can have a profound effect on the developed image of that which you are asking about.


    I am close to trying the venture out for personal taste..
    I desperately need to increase my monitor-screen real-estate, while at the same time following some budget, and now that I can support a tv with my pc, as long as it is "AV"equipped"
    I would gratefully applaud anybody with some first-hand experience shared.. in any form or fashion, or even quantity, on this issue, the use of a "television" as a monitor in audio work.. is it cool? is it nerve-rackin?


    ps I know if a way was known by anyone, to hook up an older tv I'd really dig having that info.
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    as far as the tv as a monitor goes, I've used one using s-video and the quality was horrible. using the composite (av cable, the yellow one) will be even worse, unless your video card has some line-doubling software, in that case you'll have to experiment, i have no experience with that.... and a symphonic? i mean that's the cheapest of the cheap... you know what i saw that was amazing though is the samsung dlp tv's, they have vga connectors and give you high quality 60" screens... only like $3800....chump change

    anyways wouldnt you want two matching monitors anyways? if theyre side by side, it looks's what i did...

    i bought 2 17" matching monitors off ebay (picked them up locally for $90), used an old gforce2 card ($30 on ebay) for one monitor, my existing intergrated vga connection for the second monitor, boom now i got like a 28"x17" display... amazing for your audio software, or for just having two browsers open at once... nice.
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    thats it

    You got me down pat there man, yes, all youstated was so, and so I fargin' guess i nu it all along, just dreamin, I guess... thanks for the inspirations, too, interestingalthough I am not certain i completely follow but I think I do sort of about your not using a special dual-m- card, but an extra card instead on an existing bus someplace I am just not quite as "whizzed" yet as i could be as far as my a+ certifi and all...l these forums are the finest source of savvy there simply is though, dont u agree?
    anyway thanks, and i could find a use for the "tech solve" you described, posibly, as i also have an older pc I used to use b4 this one I built I am now using, still working it "in" so to speak, (I am using my monitor from my cookie-cutter HP PavilionPC) I like HP, as far as that type of source goes..Now that i am couple years wiserI like the Digital Audio Wave site and its builds, each and every one, if you haven't already checked it out, u should do so. But as I was sayin, or gonna say, my newer pc I am now using and need to get a monitor to match up with, has a dual mon card, a MatroxG450eTV so maybe I can get by with it as is for dual mon support but the other pc could possibly incorporate a less orthodox method of sorts..... if I did get straight what you were describing... anyway notta huge biggy
    thanks again for the response on this issue I truly needed to hear what you spoke, to mainly save me from me-self if nutt'n else


    oh yeah I remembered waht I wanted to ask you if you ever seen the panasonic models that call themselve "monitor"
    when I was in wal mart the dumb broad told me I couldn't buy the floor model if that was indeed the only remaining one of its kind... I may be wrong but that sounded like some stupid sh*t to me..
    But have you seen those? its a tv and it call itself "HD" and I honestly believe the audio is what is high definitionbased on the wording, and my cynicism, but this was a 30" wide model (very nice) about 767$, letterbox style, I would say.
    seen this? they told me it was a pc monitor as the name implied, but I dont' have the greatest faith in the help there that day's validity of advice, if you get me...
    but I thought I'd ask you if you'd seen panasonics models of this sort

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