Cubase LE - VST and MIDI questions....

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by qwerty11, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. qwerty11

    qwerty11 Guest

    I have a Tascam-US 144, Triton extreme, and running cubase le.

    I have no problem getting MIDI from triton to play/record on cubase or getting VST instruments to work. But I do have some questions.

    To hear VST instruments and MIDI recorded from triton I have to put the mixer nob in the middle (which allows sound from triton and cubase to go through monitors). Is there anyway I can set it up where I can just put it on the computer side and the midi from the triton will play through the computer? Local control is off on the triton.

    Is the only way to record multiple MIDI instruments from the triton is to use combination mode where it selects a different MIDI channel for each instrument? Reason why I am asking is I would like to use the valve force tube on the triton with some of the instruments, but don't want it to affect other ones. I realize I can mix down each MIDI track, but then I loose all editing ability.

    Lastly - Where can I get more VST instruments? LE only came with HALone and it has a very basic instrument list.

  2. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

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    Last things first
    Check out link removed for all your VST needs. Google VST, you'll find tons of stuff too.

    Now on to the fun stuff...

    Just for a bit of clarification, I believe you want to hear the VST instruments and the AUDIO from the triton that is being played back via MIDI data that was recorded into Cubase. I say that simply because you can't hear MIDI and people are confused by that sort of thing all the time. Moving on...

    I can't give you a definitive answer on your main question as I don't have the device and I'm not completely familiar with it's operation. That said, from a quick check of the manual, it indicates that when the knob is turned to MIX, the audio from the computer (via USB) is routed through to the outputs. So, for this to work you need to set up an audio track in Cubase and set it up so that the inputs from the 144 are going to that track. Put the track in record mode (or monitor mode if there is one-it's a little speaker icon) and then play back your track. That should send the MIDI data from the computer, to the triton which will send audio data back into the computer which will in turn send that audio data back out to the 144 main outputs with the rest of your audio from VST instruments.

    In short, Yes. When you use a single sound on the synth, that's all you can access. To access multiple sounds at once you'll need to be multitimbral which essentially means multiple sounds at one time. If you plan to do this with the triton (which is something that is VERY useful) get used to using the combination mode.

    If you want to use the tube, you are going to have to actually record the audio into Cubase. Sure you lose your editability in the audio track, but you can keep your MIDI data and if you need to change things, simply re-record the track.

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