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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by i_libertine, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. i_libertine

    i_libertine Guest

    im a newbie mugg, and i need to record a demo for a music college i want to apply to so my mum bought me SE for my birthday and i have a novation speedio interface, but i just dont know how to record real audio and midi through my interface into SE, please please any suggestions would be very appreciated,

    many thanks
  2. Loopsta

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    Do you have a controller keyboard for midi input ? ..the recording of audio is straightforwad enough, the speedio will do both audio and midi transfer through the usb interface ..ok lets start with the audio set the gain on your input depending on source (ie mic,line in etc) till you get a good signal that is not clipping .

    in cubase start a new empty session and add an audio track by right clicking in the pane to the right of the sequencer window ...add audio track. make sure the record enable button is checked (it will be red when armed) then hit the record ,either on the transport bar or hit the * key on your keypad ....start playing somthing ..hit stop when your done. Enable click for keeping in tempo while recording.

    as for the midi ..theres more to explain ..but for now see if you aare able to record audio.

    a sub note here ...unless you have a decent sound card you will notice a pretty substantial latency(delay) from what you play to what you hear ,but you can use the direct monitoring from your speedio. i understand you probably have a tight budget but i would highly reccomend getting a half decent sound card ...somthing like an m-audio audiophile is a good card on a budget.

    hope this helps some !
  3. i_libertine

    i_libertine Guest

    thank you very much for your advice, got it all running sweet now, you guessed right i am on a tight budget but pay day at the end of the month maybe,

    thank you again!
  4. i_libertine

    i_libertine Guest

    hey me again, i thought i had everything sorted until i actually went to record, i can record sounds into cubase and the wave it detected and shown, yet when i go to play it back, nothing comes out, i have checked all the leves, i heard form anouyther forum that this is quite a common problem with all types of cubase, and you need to turn off direct monitoring in device setup and move a directory?!?!, has anybody else heard anything like this, its soo fustrating because i have everything now, but i cant listen to it!!!!!!

    many thanks


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