Cubase SX VST-system-link?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Tore Nylund, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Well today I bought my Cubase SX... Can't install
    it yet since my computor parts will arrive after X-mas. But I have a question about this VST system-link on SX.
    Is there anybody out there using it?
    Do you need to "monitor" the "slave" computor
    or can it all be done from your main computor?
    Is the quality of your soundcard on the "slave" computor important here?
    What is the first thing you run on the second computor? Reverb? VST-instruments or Samplers?

    I'd be very happy to hear about any kind of experience of this VST-system-link.
  2. eskimo

    eskimo Guest

    You really should post this at
    by the way. god jul på dig Tore
  3. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Tack så mycket Eskimo... I didn't know about
    Do you know about any good place for Logic users also?

    Just a funny thing about bying software:
    I wanted to buy Cubase SX but I thought it was too
    expensive, 7995:- SEK (~890 USD)
    So I found out how to make it less expensive:
    First I bought Logic Audio Big Pac (Logic Audio+ ES1+EVP73+EXSP24) for 3290:- SEK (~365 USD)
    Then I bought Cubase SX "Crossgrade" for 3095:- SEK (~345 USD).
    That makes Logic Audio Big Pac and Cubase SX for the total sum of 6385:- SEK (~710 USD) .
    Saving 1600:- SEK (~180 USD)and getting the Logic software for free!
    But you better hurry up if you want to do this, 'cause the "crossgrade offer" ends Dec.31st (at least here in Sweden)

    By the way Eskimo, I remember that you were building a DAW a few months ago... and had great support from "Master Opus"... I've been serching
    here for your topic, but I can't find it.
    Do you remember the name of that topic?
    I'd really like to read that again...
    God Jul ( Happy Christmas)
  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Well, I don't have the second computer up and running yet and only one copy of Cubse SX....waiting for Nuendo 2.0 to do the system link with.
    The soundcard isn't that important but obviously one with solid drivers is a good thing. The slave machine will want to send it's audio into the main machine so you can monitor it. You will need a digital connection to the other machine for the actual system link. Also you can just use the second machine just for VSTi's if you so desire with the VStack program from Steinberg. This is a program that will just run VST instruments. Which is actually pretty nice IMHO. The only thing you will need is a Midi input and an audio card for it. No need for Cubase SX or Nuendo!
    From what others have said it's a great tool to use! I personally can't wait to try it out.
    My main machine is
    P4 2.66Ghz(533FSB) w/512 PC2700 DDR 333
    Going to run Nuendo 2.0 on it

    My Second machine(when complete...needs a video card and a floppy drive!) is the original ANUS
    P4 2.0Ghz(400FSB) w/1GB PC2100 DDR 266

    I'm most likely going to run the TC Power Core card on that as well as VSTi's within Cubase SX

    I'm also going to build a dedicated server for the audio files since Nuendo 2.0 will allow for networking over TCP/IP. I'll do this over firewire which will be extremely nice.
  5. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Hi again Opus!
    Yeah, I've also heard that you only need that VStack program to run VST-instruments on the second computer. It will take a while before I get to that point... I have to put tohether my first DAW first... It's a little bit scary to now when I've got most of the parts here on the floor...It's my "maiden voyage", so I'm nervous.

    I have a little question:
    I bought this Intel P4 2.4Ghz(533FSB)Boxed.
    (As I remember, you said that this fan was quite enough )
    When you put this heatsink/fan on the CPU do you remove that "tape" ?
    -It was a very poor manual and it didn't say anything how that Thermal interface material (attached to the heatsink)worked?

    This is the parts I've got:
    ASUS P4B 533V
    Intel P4 2.4Ghz(533FSB)
    DDR 512MB PC2700 CL2.5
    Win XP-Pro
    WD 120 Gb HD (8 Mb )
    Seagate Barracuda 60 or 80 Gb HD ( don't know yet
    wich one I should put on my DAW for OS)
    Lite On CDWR 48x12x48
    ATI Rage Pro 32 MB Video Card ...Yes I know that I should get a Matrox G550 but I don't know if I can afford it yet... since It looks as if I have to invest a little bit more than I thought on my soundcard.
    I'm going for the RME Hammerfall LE and proabbly a Fostex VC-8 AD/DA converter. *sigh*
    Now I'm just waiting for the case and the floppy drive.

    I'll be back when it's time to do the BIOS settings and the Opus-Tweaks on XP....
    Then I really need someone to hold my hand. :eek:
    Well that's all for today...
    Happy Christmas to you Opus and to all your disciples!
  6. EdWray

    EdWray Active Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    Take off the tape. The heat transfer goo is underneath. Also be sure to discharge the static in your body before you handle the parts. You can easily fry them if you don't. Many people use wrist staps connected to a ground when assembling electonics.
    Don't be afraid. You will find this task quite easy once you get into it. Fun too if you have dominant geek genes like some of us. LOL!!!

    Cheers :c:
  7. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    LEAVE THAT BLACK TAPE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: That's the thermal resistance between the CPU and heatsink!!!!
    Other than that..have fun on that maiden voyage of PC building!

    P.S...Cavepainter....there is no thermal paste on a heatsink that comes with the CPU!!! That black tape IS the thermal paste so to speak. You can go out and get some thermal paste to replace it with though.
  8. EdWray

    EdWray Active Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    OOOPS. Sorry about the misinformation. I have always taken the tape off assuming it was there to protect the gunk underneath on the heat sink, which has been on the packaged units I've bought.

    I stand by what I said about the geek genes though. ;)
  9. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Thank you guys for all the advice...You really made me happy there. That black tape was confusing, since I've read in some "computer building manuals" that you should remove the tape
    or add some thermal paste if there were no tape.
    And yes I'll be very careful, I've got some wrist staps already.
    In fact, I'm going to build two PC's... one DAW for me and an Office PC for my "mother-in-law".
    ( By the way, did you know that "mother-in-law" is an anagram for "woman Hitler"? :p Well Viggo isn't such a bad name either.

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