Cubase VSTI's preset's keep resetting?

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by submersed, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. submersed

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    I'm using Cubase SX 3, and when I open my VST instruments panel, for example, I'll have Tone2 Firebird open, and RCGAudio's Z3TA open, and I'll have a certain synth selected which I'll be using for a midi track. When ever I stop the track from playing back, and playback from the beginning, the VSTi automatically resets the preset it was using to the default preset.

    Example: Default firebird preset is NAT Flute, makes my midi track sound like a flute, I change this preset to "Lead Synth", it plays my track with lead synth once, then I stop the track, and play back from beginning, and FireBird automatically resets the preset selection back to NAT Flute.

    I've never had this happen before, all of my other work has come out fine. It's doing this for all of my VSTi's. I created a new project to see if it would still do this, and it is not, it works perfectly fine, so there is something wrong with this project causing it to constantly reset my VSTi's preset.

    Can anyone help please?
  2. submersed

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    Something to add:

    This may be caused by me adding midi files I exported from Guitar Pro. I took a midi track in guitar pro, exported it, then imported it into Cubase. However I find it's only these tracks that are giving me this issue. Anyone, help please?
  3. TheJackAttack

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    Can you change the VSTi instrument and then save the file prior to playing? If so does it still revert? It sounds like it always playing the root file. Caveat: I don't do midi anything.
  4. submersed

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    Yeah, if I save it, it still reverts back to the one which seems to be the 'default', so i'm pretty lost right now, I don't have any idea how to get rid of this 'default' setting causing it to switch constantly.
  5. cfaalm

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    Do the imported midi files from Guitar Pro contain any data like program changes? You might look into the grid/list editor, or what is it called these days.
  6. hueseph

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    Sounds to me that there is a control command causing it to reset the parameters at start. Check the Program Controls as cfaalm pointed out. I don't have Cubase anymore so I can't double check. You could search the manual though. That would make things a bit easier.

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