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  1. I have recorded live drums to seperate tracks in cubase. The snare drum has some bleeding from other tracks. Is there a wave editor or something in cubase that will highlight and remove the unwanted sound waves ? example get rid of the bleed from the kick drum on the snare track, by highlighting the kickdrum wave and the snare wave to seperate them or remove the unwanted bleed.
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    Ok. First welcome to

    To get the best out of your experience here I would recommend that you give your threads a proper title, something that has to do with what your problem/question is.

    Also it would be smart to post your message in the appropriate forum.

    Since this is a question about tracks bleeding (specifically drum), I would have titled the post, how to minimize/fix drum track bleeding. I also would have posted this in the Digital Audio Recording forum. It has absolutely nothing to do with vocals so it shouldn't be here in the vocal booth forum.

    Now that that's out of the way...

    I don't know of any program/plug-in that is made for that specific purpose. But there are things you can do.

    If the drums bleeding through are quieter than the main drum on the track (which I would imagine they would be on the snare track), you can use a gate to remove the unwanted sounds.

    I'm sure there are some wave editing tools that would allow you to set a certain threshold and set everything under that threshold to silence.

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