Cubasis vst 4.0 ....monitering without track bleed through

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    I have just purchased a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS Platinum sound card and it came with the Steinberg Cubasis vst 4.0 Recording Package.

    Ok Getting into recording on the thing. The Problem i can't figure out is how to be able to moniter what ive just recorded with out it bleeding onto the track im getting ready to record on. I've recorded on track 1 and im set to record on track 2... i hit play and the first tracks is bleed through to my enabled track. how do i isolate the tracks. and moniter the first one? I'm stumped... I've read the instuction thru 3 times and i
    can't seem to find what to look for.
    please email me back
    at Thanks
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    May 11, 2006
    1st too bad you didnt think to check the forums before you spent money on a sound blatter.. those things are for gaming and will haunt you for as long as you use it for audio....

    2nd this is the only email you'll be getting so hope you check back...

    3rd not sure if i remember but there's something in SB setup that says record what you hear... play with that...

    123... go... first one to the bridge gets the solo...

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