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Press Release Cupwise release- YouRei HP/LP filters

Discussion in 'Press Release Forum' started by cupwise, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. cupwise

    cupwise Active Member

    Jun 3, 2012
    Ohio, USA
    A set of HP/LP filters sampled from a unique filter unit. These aren't synth style filters (no resonance), but they are like the type you find on a console that are useful for mixing/production purposes. The cutoff frequency on this unit is fully variable, however, instead of just giving you a few fixed positions like most console modules. I've captured that ability here well. You have smooth control over the cutoff and the filter shape is maintained.

    There's a combo filter with both programs in one, and it is mostly just capable of a clean sound which could be used for anything. Then there are separate programs for both the LP and HP filter, which can get grittier (if driven hotter), which could be perfect for sample based stuff if you want that lofi sound. This unit was released in 2 versions, and this is the more desired one with the output transformer, which adds a bit more to the sound.

    The HP can go from fairly flat (no filtering), up to around 300-400Hz. The LP can go down to around 2kHz. The unit is known for it's color, but it can be fairly transparent also. These were sampled with dynamics and as far as I know they are the only 'channel-style' filters that have been so far. So for every position of the filter, you get a nice dynamic representation of the unit. You can send in a louder sound for a more 'lo-fi' effect, or a lower level in for a cleaner sound. A trim control allows you to quickly transition through those possibilities while keeping a constant output level.

    They were sampled with Lynx Aurora and I think they sound great! If you want some nice filters for basic mixing duties, you should check these out!
    YouRei HP/LP Filters | Cupwise

    I actually released these a few days ago and you can see what some people have said about them here, at the acustica forum, plus also some more details I give, particularly about an upcoming future update:
    View topic - Cupwise release- YouRei HP/LP filters
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