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    Hey guys, a friend of mine here in Baltimore is likely going to be opening up a boutique music/pro audio type store in the next year or so. I was talking to her about how she should carry more hard to find stuff that places like guitar center and such don't carry. I was wondering if you guys knew of any of these elusive FMR audio et cetera type small business/garage workshop type operations. In a dream world where you had a store with all your favorite stuff in stock what would they have?


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    you can start here:

    (dead link removed)

    And continue here:

    great stuff, bocubucks to get started as the stuff is not cheap...
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    Home Page:
    Black Audio Devices

    AEA/Wes Dooley



    Lots more info on small manufactures at

    Hope this helps....
  4. From this (southern) part of the world..
    Buzz Audio, Sebatron and Al Smart's compressors... All good! :D

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