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    Jun 3, 2012
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    A set of custom made tremolo effects. As far as I know, the first 3rd party Nebula release to use LFOs, and I bet they will be among the most smooth, analog sounding tremolos you hear in your DAW. Lots of ideas, time, and effort went into these. They have dynamics on top of the LFO modulated level control (sampled from various hardware), so that makes them kind of complex in the Nebula world (in terms of what's "under the hood"). This means they might take a little more CPU than what you might be used to with Nebula stuff. They run fine on my system but it is newer. They aren't as intensive as reverbs but worse than preamp/console/tape stuff. It's the price to pay for fluid tremolo!

    Custom Tremolos | Cupwise

    Site tells more about these, and has audio demos.

    Price is CHEAP at 9$. This is a SALE price. It WILL go up, to ~15$, after the weekend. I'm hoping the sale price gets some people to grab it and maybe report what they think about it (where people can see!). It's not demanded that you say anything if you grab it at this price, but it would be nice...
    and it would also help ensure I can keep doing this..


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