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    Customer Service:

    I had an experience that I must share. I bought a used Preamp that was just over 1 yr old. One of the XLR input jacks was cracked. Did not affect operation, that I could tell but decided to replace jack. Upon opening, realized it is of proprietary type. So I contacted manufacturer to see about ordering a replacement jack. Instead, this was their offer of help. If I would ship it to them, they would fix it and ship it back free of
    charge. This is for an OUT OF WARRANTY, 2ND OWNER, piece of gear.

    I shipped it to them after receiving the RMA number. After 3 days it showed up in the system on their site. This way you can watch progress online. On the 4th day it showed the XLR jack was fixed. They also decided to Re-Tube it. Later that day, it showed that it had passed all their sound tests. Day 5 it showed it was checked out. Day 6 it showed it had shipped and had a tracking number. 3 working days later it showed back at the house.

    So in 10 days, I got an "out of warranty", "2nd owner", piece of gear fixed and returned for the cost of shipping it to them, and they decided to Re-Tube it while it was there also.

    It has been awhile since I've really experienced this kind of customer service, so
    I had to share this. PreSonus doesn't have a lot of products that I am interested in buying, BUT this experience will make me, look seriously at them, in a way I wouldn't have before.

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    Wow, that is astonishing . Thanks for sharing that.
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    That's fortunate that you came into such good luck. I can't say that I've encountered the same with them. I bought a new preamp/interface from them and after the warranty ended I asked them about having the master gain pot replaced because it had become scratchy and they said it would cost me shipping plus a $70 bench fee no questions asked. I have also sent in the unit to them while still under warranty because it blew up, honestly it went (POP) and started smoking. It was at least three weeks to a month before I saw it again and communication seemed labored. It probably has more to do with price point than anything, but it's enough that as a result I don't really want to deal with them for any longer than I have to. All customers should be treated equally and fairly no matter if they gave you $2 or $20,000.

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