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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by klauth, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. klauth

    klauth Guest

    I want to run my drum trigger brain (DM-5) through a couple of D.I. boxes to help "beef up" my triggered sound. anybody have a recomendations for this particular application?
  2. Get yourself a Sebatron vmp2000e (or 4000e if you're doing more than stereo) plug your sound module into the DI inputs and you've got enough beef to scare vegetarians! Been doing pretty much what you're talking about with an Alesis D4, the Sebatron really adds something indefinable to the depth and adds something very definable to the bottom end with 'deep' switched in... balls!
  3. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Ummmm, sorry to but your bubble ace, but a DI is NOT the tool to beef up your triggered sound. A mic pre with a buit in DI might be of some help but not as much as a very good analog eq. And anything I would suggest would likely be over $2K.
  4. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    I'll second the sebatron Idea. It works pretty well. UA 610 works well also as would many other good mic preamps. Both have rudamentry EQs on board that will work for most applications. Then again a couple GmL or API EQs would be icing on the cake. Very thick icing I might add. Two API 7600s would really hit the spot.
  5. klauth

    klauth Guest

    I'm gunna try a couple of avalon u5's this weekend. more or less I'm making an attempt to improve my "front end" verses just going ing in through my board line ins. (ghost) I've heard good things from keyboard players about the u5's so, I'll give them a try before I decide to spend some real money.
  6. Ahem, a good quality DI will do exactly what he wants, if it is the right sort of device and not just a stage box.

    This attitude of 'anything worth less than $2k is not even worth sneezing at' really F'n%^$ sh)*#'s me!
    I refuse to drive anything less than a BMW, which unfortunately means that I'm stuck riding a bike for the next 10 years. The fact that I don't have a car means I'm not going to get a decent job, which means that the BMW is even further away...
    How about buying what you can afford at the time, making good use of it and learning all it's limitations and gradually working your way up to the quality equipment, at which stage you probably have the skills and understanding to actually use it and appreciate it.
    Very few things upset me more than seeing some rich kid with all the toys and no clue what to do with them, while some talented kid in the next suburb is working 2 jobs so he can buy a new guitar.

    There is plenty of cheap gear out there that is honestly good, and plenty of overpriced crap that I wouldn't touch if it was free...
  7. klauth

    klauth Guest

    .....Hmmmm, ??? actually I was not aware of a better way of triggering my kicks' than to run some type of DI.....thats why I ask questions on this forum. ...is'nt that the whole point here?.....money's not really a big problem for me. (cause yes, I do work two jobs) and music is my lifes journey.....so, I do what needs to be done (as I believe most serious musicians do).....awareness is a big part of getting things done. and thats why I ask questions here. thanks to all whom have helped!.... -k
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