da/ad convertion: digi oo2r or oldschool hd?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ivanbambam, Sep 21, 2005.

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    i'm currently building my recording rig. the ability to upgrade in the future is crucial. everything is cool except for one thing: the digital section.

    i was contemplating getting the digi 002r thinking that i could use an apogee converter or something of the sort.
    aparently the 002's optical i/o only go up to 48khz. so i say to myself "what?!"

    is my only option TDM|HD?

    i dont record 96 often but i know i will start using it soon(for projects already lined up). i guess i'm curious about the differences between converting through the 002 @ 96k and converting through the apogee at 48k.

    i checked out motu and the 896hd can do four channels @ 192/17?'s.

    i like protools. i gave motu/dp a try (for two consecutive years) and went back to PT. i know there's probably other interfaces that will allow me to convert hi rez through an outboard AD/DA.

    any info would be awesome.

    -after thought.....maybe an "older" style of TDM might be more financialy available? what does an oldschool hd system consist of? will it do 96k?


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