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    Hello all,

    First time posting but I've been lurking for a while. Thanks in advance for all the answers you've already given me unknowingly!

    I'm about to begin sound recording, design, and mixing on an indie film (I've posted this query in the audio for video forum as well...) and am finalizing my gear list.

    What do you all think of this setup:

    AT4073A and TLM 103 matched pair > Sound Devices 722 (when it arrives) at 24/96 for location audio, sound effects gathering, foley, music recording, etc. > firewire at hires > Logic Pro on a mac for sound design, mixing, etc.


    Logic Pro at 24/96 out to a mini dac for monitoring through Sony 7506 headphones or Yamaha ns-10 monitors.

    Ultimately I need to do a dither d9own to 16/48 for mastering the final mix to dbeta and possibly other audio resolutions for film soundtracks.

    I would like to monitor at 24/96 or 16/48 through the mini dac for mixing and then use its converters to do the dither down (instead of converting in software) but apparently the minidac only comes out of the mac via usb at 16/48. Any other usb>spdif converters I've come across seem to have latency problems and/or don't guarantee bit for bit transfers of audio out from the mac to spdif (ua-5 for example).

    So, my question is: What piece of gear do I need in addition to or instead of the minidac in order to do my monitoring and sample rate conversion at high quality, in hardware. Or, am I missing the point completely, ie: can I just monitor and mix at 16/48 and do my dither down in software and not worry about it so much?

    As well, I'm anxious to hear about the experiences any of you have had with any of the items on my list, these types of projects, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lee Towndrow.

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