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  1. I was just curious what the pros thought about Damien Rice and the Producing that is done with his album... since I have a similar sound, what would you change to his music if you could?
  2. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    i don't like much his production...

    i'd reccomend an album that i've been listening very much these days that has a better production and the style is similiar...

    try hearing

    1972 from josh rouse

    amazing music and very well produced! his new "nashville" album is cool too!
  3. miks

    miks Guest

    OH MY GOD!!! anyone who says something negative about damien rice is crazy. I love the guy he's such a talent.

    I think his recording style is cool, very raw and rugged. It just goes to show you dont need all these synths and machines to make great music.

    i was at he's concert here in Sydney last year and it was just him on stage with an acoustic guitar and blew everyone away. Better than all the big names like pearl jam, metallica etc.

    he's a tribute to all musos out there. Absolutely spectacular.

    id recommend hes recording style as its something different and fresh.

    Damien rice is a god hehehehehe
  4. I agree... I think there is a good balance of vocals to instrument on his album.... Cannonball is a classic and Volcano just rocks!!! I love cello in my recordings... the eariness of it just blows! neways, more comments please! :cool:
  5. Sunhill

    Sunhill Guest

    Damine Rice is really top sounding stuff :D But I have to agree with inLoco a bit... There are alot of albums out there that has a "better" produced sound....

    But, Hey; Mr. Rice has made one of the best albums I have ever heard, so let's leave it at that!

  6. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    as you all can understand i'm talking about production not his soundwriting skills! this is a recording forum...

    what i meant is that kind of pop can gain from a good use of instruments and production! i've seen josh play with just his guitar and it sounds amazing! but with the band sounds even amazier! who knows if damien rice couldn't gain from that kind of treatment... tori amos does...
  7. machina

    machina Active Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    You have to understand that every record out there doesn't have to sound hyper-produced like avril lavigne or jewel. Damien Rice's music is tailored perfectly with his production, and vice versa. His production is part of his expression...part of his "sound". He wrote the songs, he recorded and mixed the album. The music is more personal that way. Honestly, I don't think his music would benefit at all from a lot of fancy production work. It's made to be as raw and as real as possible.
    Check out Pedro the Lion's albums for some more good "raw" production.
  8. I would tend to agree with machina... the rawness of the producing adds a realness and emotion to the music... and I like that!!! (I am a bit biased too though lol)
  9. inloco is right josh rouse album 1972 is the album i would have written.... the production is amazing, i am only starting out in recording but when the first track on any album makes you sink back in your chair and close your eyes.... wow .... thats what i'm going for....

    nice to meet(?) a fellow rouse fan inloco

  10. inloco is right josh rouse album 1972 is the album i would have written.... the production is amazing, i am only starting out in recording but when the first track on any album makes you sink back in your chair and close your eyes.... wow .... thats what i'm going for....

    nice to meet(?) a fellow rouse fan inloco

  11. rudedogg

    rudedogg Guest

    i have to agree about not needing more production. if damien hyper produced his album it wouldn't be half as interesting to listen to. that saying all the recording engineers say about if you threw up 1 mic in a room and recorded a great musician that the song would still be great applies to his music. even if he recorded it with a radio shack mic into a tape player it would be better than half the shite that is modern pop music. his music has soul. the kind of character that makes you want to just sit and listen.</rant>
  12. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    i disagree simply because i feel production is such a big tool these days!
    i can give some examples...

    dave matthews has his acoustic album live at luther college with tim reynolds and it sounds amazing... but we hear the same songs it the band and we're blown away...

    jack johnson is that classic songwriter with no big production... but we can look at ben harper and see a glimpse of what he's missing... yet the songs sound amazing because when it's good songs you can use any kind of production and it will always sound amazing...

    yet... i feel that rice's production is boring cause it's always the same...
  13. guess everyone has their own oppinions but I think Damien Rice's "rawness" puts 90% of all other music out there sound like absolute chicken $H!%... I agree with those who say his songs would sound amazing in a room with a drum set brushed, cello him and his acoustic with one mic to pick it all up... to a true musician his music is absolutely amazing and his production is a part of his artistic capabilities....
  14. machina

    machina Active Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    I feel quite the opposite. By producing a "raw" recording, Rice added character and flavor to the album. More production, in my opinion, would make the recording "boring" because it would risk sounding like every other pop/folk album floating around out there.
    Rice recorded the album in various "houses and homes" (as he puts it in the liner notes) around the UK and in Paris with a simple 4-track recorder. I love that kind of stuff. Using the bare minimum, he created a record that obtained platinum status in a mere three months following it's release.
  15. wwittman

    wwittman Active Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    just an aside:
    If a producer decided, or helped decide, to make a record without a lot of tricks or overdubs or extra instruments... that IS the production.
    It's not "less production".

    If you weren't in the room you'll never know for certain, bnut a prodeucer may have helped pick the songs, hire the band, hire the studio and engineer, and direct the recording and mixing to attain the sound it has.

    That's not "less" producing than on a record with lots of layers or lots of engineering tricks.
    Know what I mean?

    The engineering is not the "production" , in and of itself.
    It's not really even the major part, usually.
  16. machina

    machina Active Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    I beg to differ. The technical aspect regarding the way a song is actually recorded (mic selection, placement, environment, media, etc.) has as much an impact on the final product as the post-production (or other aspects) does. A recording done live with the band all in the same rehearsal room and laid down on tape is inheritly going to sound more "raw" compared to a direct ProToolsHD mix using a trillion tracks recorded in the most pristine acoustic conditions. Depending on the recording techniques, the sound of a song is "colored" in such a way that all the post work in the world can't reverse.
    I do agree that the engineering process alone isn't the "production", but I do think it has a big impact.
  17. Dos

    Dos Guest

    Hi, everyone, I've just found this forum tonight, I live in Dublin and Damien's 'o' album came out here about 4 years ago. He was massive over here then and still is quite big. I'm a producer myself and I know that album inside out but I'm a bit confused as to what you are arguing about.

    Everybody is throwing the word production around like they don't really know what it means. Granted it can be vague at the best of times but I think some of you are actually referring to the mix and not the production.

    I've heard a lot of music and worked in many genres and Damien Rice 'O', four years ago, was the most refreshingly produced album I'd heard in years. There is no denying that the production on the album, ie the instrumentation, the arrangements, etc., works really well and is extremely original. Howeve the mix, ie. eqing, compression etc. for me works but is, technically, disgraceful. It's not a taste issue, it's a fact. The mix, by professional standards, is not good. Personally I like the rawness of the mix, i think it adds to the albums human feel but it is riddled with flaws.

  18. ^^^^ I agree! :cool:
  19. Damien's Raw Sound

    If you want an even better example of Rice's genious with simplicity pick up his b-sides album. there's a demo version of volcano on there that proves he just sounds amazing regardless of mixing. and his production style is wonderful and hopefully opens up some doors for those of us without a lot of money that use home studios for all our projects

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