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    Re Studiolive Ai
    Dante coming Dec. 2015; AVB coming Q2 2015


    Dante benefits

    Easy to Set Up
    • Plug and play – automatic discovery and simple signal routing
    • No special skills required to set up audio networking
    • Integrated media and control
    • Can support up to 512 bi-directional audio channels
    • Supports a single integrated network for audio, video, control and monitoring
    • Control signals can be included on the network without additional cabling
    • Software periodically updated
    Improved Audio Quality
    • • Doesn’t suffer from hum, ground loops, audio quality degradation with long cable runs
    • • Nearly imperceptible latency
    Few Ancillary Costs
    • No need for expensive copper analog cable
    • Uses widely available, economical CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable
    • Leverages existing network components, PCs or Macs
    • No software to purchase

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