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Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by dickiefunk, Sep 30, 2007.

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    What mic would you recommend for recording female vocals? I already have a Rode NT-1a which I've found a little harsh, brittle and siblant with certain female vocalists.
    One mic I'm seriously considering is the MXL V67g. Would this be a good choice?
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    dickiefunk, the problems that you're describing will exist with any condenser microphone. That's what they do. That's how they sound.

    For female vocalist, you might want to look to the Electro-Voice RE20/27, the AKG D112, Shure SM 7, larger diaphragm dynamic microphones?

    Better still, grab just about any velocity ribbon microphone. Cascades seem to have a nice one for as little as $160! But then if you want something really good, you might want one of David Royer's? Your choice of passive or phantom powered versions. Plus there are a ton Chinese ribbons popping up all over the place. Another good one would be the AEA's or the Beyer M160/130. Those will run you about $1000 each or less.

    It's that or utilize a software plug-in De-Esser or utilize a hardware limiter and insert a equalizer that has 3 to 6kHz boosted, in the side chain of the limiter, making the limiter more sensitive to those frequencies which you want to dynamically control.

    Your only limiting factor
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    Thanks. I've decided I'm gonna go with a ribbon mic. I noticed that the Cascade Fathead 2 appears under different brands - Nady RSM4 and T.Bone RM700. They all look identical and come with exactly the same packaging and have the same specs. I'm gonna go for the T.Bone RM700 which costs £66 or $132. I've found some other stuff that I'm gonna sell and will possibly get the MXL V67g and a budget dynamic!

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