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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Sound Diagnosis, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. I am awaiting the arrival of a new puter (WinXP/p4/2.4GZ/512mem/120gb HD) for the continued purposes of directing sequenced compositions from my Kurzweil workstation direct into soundcard. Then I will add vocals thru Joemeek and his friend "Marshall" MXL67. :) I have been using Cakewalk Pro8 and Cool Edit Pro 1.0 on my P2/333mz. Updating is probably needed here with the new system. I will try to explain what I need so maybe someone can offer a reasonably moderate priced suggestion. I need multi-track abilities, great wave editing, 30 band equalization, etc. Would Sonar XL 2.O fit the bill? Or would I also need wave editing software such as Cool Edit?....and....will Cool Edit 1.0 work in Windows XP? (I have NO need for MIDI-sequencing software and probably will not be using it in the future.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope I made my quest clear and mentioned the equipment and the purpose for use, obvious. IE., very simple, but capable. Thanks in advance!! ~~~Lee
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    Samplitude. Beats the pants of off any DAW software out there. 32 bit floating point processing for years now, not months. Sounds...well...dare I use the "A" word?

    The only weakness for years was midi...it just didn't have anything more than the very basics. No problem for me, since (like you) I don't run midi. Current rev has a big ol' honkin' midi engine.

    It ain't cheap. It's not well known. The features are almost overwhelming. You won't learn it in 30 minutes. But once you use it, game over. Download the demo and play with it. Three flavors, with more goodies (and more shekels) each step of the way.

  3. Thanks for responding so quickly! When I get the new puter, I will audition Samplitude and see if it fits the bill for me. Thanks again! Regards, Lee.
    P.S. Anyone else care to chime in?.... please do!!


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