DAW problems in Intel 915 GEV MOBO - chipset 915/925 ?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by viperstudio, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Hi for all!

    I am having problems with motherboard Intel 915GEV. Work with audio professional, using the products M-audio Ozone and Digidesign Mbox. I brought up to date firmware of the products Ozone and Mbox, bios (chipset) and drivers of motherboard Intel. Professional Windows XP is
    brought up to date with SP2 and the Windows Update in day. When working with the Mbox and the Ozone, I perceived that the audio one
    functions of precarious form. The audio one was being bombed with clicks and blops (noises)..... Also the Mbox stopped to
    function for some unknown interference (with noise), but came back immediately to the functioning. I incapacitated resource HT in the
    bios, as well as I used all available configurations USB in the Bios (Enable, disable, Full speed, Hi Speed USB). It swims decided....... I
    decided to test system in mine the same another computer with the MOBO Abit NF7-S 2.0 (last revision of bios and drivers NFORCE). There, it
    functioned very well..... I was to look to the support technician of the manufacturers and found this:
    Compatibility Alert

    * There have been reported compatibility problems with Pro Tools and the
    new Intel 915 and 925 chipsets when trying to use with Mbox systems.
    Therefore Digidesign cannot recommend these chipsets for use with Mbox at
    this time. Please check to make sure that the computer you are considering
    purchasing contains chipsets found by Digidesign to be compatible with Pro
    * Preliminary testing has revealed an unsupported workaround by using a
    USB 2.0 powered hub with Mbox. Digidesign is currently working with Intel on
    the problem.
    * To find out the model number of your chipset, check with the
    manufacturer before purchasing, or use the following tools for your existing
    computer: Is My PC Compatible With Pro Tools?


    Result, I did not obtain to work well.....

    It would like to know what the Intel has to say..... It would like to know if such problem can future be decided by update of bios
    and drivers; negative e in case that, if exists one another possibility to skirt the problem.....

    Obs.: both the computers were brought up to date with Windows XP Professional SP2 with all the updates supplied for the Windows
    Update and Cubase SX 2.

    The Mbox was recognized for the system and work, however with imperfection (interruption) in the audio during 1 second. This happens when I use virtual instrument.

    In the M-audio Ozone, it does not have interruption of the audio, however it has noise typical of latency (clicks, blops ...). I tested in all the latency levels.

    The problem is HUB USB onboard ......

    Help me please !

    I wait reply. :cry:
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    915/925 chipset user, please they collaborate !!!!
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    M-audio email support :


    Could you please copy and paste a list of your IRQ settings into your response?

    Go to : START --> RUN --> type "msinfo32" --> OK --> Hardware Resources --> IRQs

    This will help us in troubleshooting your issue.

    Also you should check to see if you have the latest stable version of Microsoft's DirectX software, a Windows technology that enables high performance in graphics and sound when you’re playing games or watching video on your PC. If do not you may experience problems in processing audio.

    Go to Start>Run, type 'dxdiag' and and hit 'OK.'

    This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    In the box that says 'System Information,' look down towards the bottom to where it says 'DirectX Version.'

    The most recent stable release is DirectX 9.0b, if you have any earlier version you should update it.

    You can get the updates from this website:


    M-Audio Technical Support

    Please do not delete prior e-mail. We request that you include all previous correspondences in order to receive the most efficient assistance.

    In addition, you may get better results by optimizing your Windows system for music and audio; we recommend following all 'Tuning Tips' from this website: http://www.musicxp.net.

    For more information, there is an extensive Knowledge Base at http://www.m-audio.com on all M-Audio products.

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    915/925 chipset users, please they collaborate !!!! :cool:
  5. It looks like there is a problem with the MBox and the 915 chipset. They are working on a solution in software and drivers, but haven't got one yet. You mentioned that there is a workaround (not approved yet) using a powered USB hub.
    If you want to try this you should go to your local computer store and ask for a powered USB 2.0 hub. This is a little external box that will plug into your USB port and into the wall power socket, then plug your MBox into this and see what happens. This will also give you more USB ports to use.
    Good luck!
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    Thank´s !!!! So, please, send for me a link of the external hub usb ....
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    Hi Viper, Welcome to RO. Since we are not sure what country you live in it would be difficult to tell you exactly where to get the USB hub. Any Computer Store in your area should carry this item or if you can't find it locally an Internet Dealer located in your own country would be your best bet as you don't want to have to pay customs fees on this. Good luck in resolving your problem and let us know if the USB hub solves it.
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    I thank its gentility. I live in Brazil. Thus that I will have notice
    of the solution, I will place in this forum. :wink:
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    Feb 10, 2001

    1)in our testing of 915/925 chipsets we found them to be horrid for Audio compared to 865/875 or Nvidia Nforce 3 for AMD.

    2) you have onboard Graphics, again not good for audio.

    3) any USB audio interface is not know to have good low latency.

    4) SP2 can also be a problem.

    5) HT is a known issue with alot of audio drivers/software.

    basically any PCI-E based video system has been terrible for Audio especially the AMD Nforce 4.

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    I disable onboard and install external graphics ? This is solution, or i buy mobo with chipset 925?

    See :

    "Nouvelle révision des i915P/G chez Intel ?

    Intel prévoirait, selon Digitimes, de distribuer à partir du mois de mars des nouvelles versions de ses chipsets i915P et i915G.

    La seule différence résiderait dans le southbridge, qui évoluerait de la version B1 à la C0. Cette nouvelle révision devrait apporter certaines corrections et améliorations pour les transferts USB et Serial ATA, le tout devrait être ainsi plus stable encore.

    Aucune autre nouvelle révision ne serait prévue, notamment en ce qui concerne les chipsets i925x et E72221 (pour serveurs)."

    Font : http://www.pcinpact.com/actu/news/Nouvelle_revision_des_i915PG_chez_Intel_.htm

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