DAW Pro's & Cons Compared

Discussion in 'Computing' started by corman, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. corman

    corman Guest

    how about comparing pro's and cons of a couple of daw's, for instance protools vs fairlight, soundscape vs nuendo etc. :w:
  2. BrockStapper

    BrockStapper Guest

    you want this as a sales tool to show your customers 1001 reasons not to by ProTools, don't you... ;)
  3. corman

    corman Guest

    :w: Thank you for replying.
    To be honest, not really. It is just interresting to see how every engineer has got his/her own reasons for using the daw of their choice, and why. It actually does not matter which daw's are compared. But I am sure there are some interresting facts that will merge out of this.

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