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Discussion in 'Computing' started by odog, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. odog

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    Hey guys, I have been looking around on this site and it has helped me out with learning new things that I had never thought, or knew about before. My interest in recording has brought me this far and I think IM going to take the next step and actually start buying something…

    Ok heres my story,, I am really interested in the whole (computer recording) deal,, I love it and have done a bit of it myself, and know I want to go off and get my own stuff.
    all I really have at the present time is my guitar, and other instruments that I am planing to record…when I start recording.
    Because I am going to school In the near future I have already decided to buy a new computer,. So this is not that big of a deal on the money issue, because I am getting hooked up largely with a mint computer..
    ( I cant categorize the style of music but it is acoustic style with other instruments.acoustic guitar, d jembe, piano and sometimes full drums) the thing is I am going to have to go out and buy is basically the necessities that I need to record with good results, but that is not that extremely expensive) which I am willing to do.
    . .I have learned of many different styles\setups that would work for recording to my computer,thanks to this site and from researching..
    I am looking towards the soundcard , then out to a mixer and then plugging my instruments straight into the mixer..what size mixer should I buy and should it be annolouge or digital? Do I even need a mixer?? If the soundcard has mic pres in it,,? I am pretty lost in what to do,, If you guys have any suggestions at all or any equipment you think I should check out, I would appretiate that so largley

    I don’t really want to throw out money for things that I don’t need.

    Thanks a bunch…
  2. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    If you are recording one thing at a time, a USB device should do fine for you.. Often you won't even need a "souind card" for this type od set up as you can use the built in sound card that comes with your computer. The USB device will be able to take at least two inputs at a time and route them to two tracks.

    The best advice I can offer is to take small steps and explore the possibilites.. they are many and what works for one person won't for the next.
  3. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003

    You probably do want a decent soundcard. If you are tracking one instrument at a time, a simple two-in two-out soundcard will suffice. If you are recording mics or guitars you'll want a soundcard with mic preamps and instrument DI inputs. You really don't _need_ a mixer, although it may help in some cases.

    For a decent soundcard, I'd recommend something like the M-Audio Mobile Pre. With it, you can record vocals and all manner of acoustic and electro-mechanical instruments.

    Simply connect your speakers to the Mobile Pre, connect the USB to the computer, configure your DAW, and you're smoking.

    If you need to record more instruments simultaneously, you'll need more inputs. So something like the MOTU 828mkII or any of a zillion other soundcards would be in order.

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