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Discussion in 'Computing' started by rkruz, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Is there a site that has reviews or at least comparisons of the features of some of the Digital Audio Workstations? To me make a knowlegeable selection?

    Im looking for a desktop studio...with integrated multi-track recording software..and that provides for plug-ins for track processing. This for home hobby prosumer level of recording. Usually no more then 2 inputs at any time and recording vocal and guitar over prerecorded backings that would be inserted into a track of the software.

    Something like"
    - Digidesign M-box
    - Lexicon Omega
    - Mackie Spike
    - EE-Mu 1212
    or any others like this.

    I want to upgrade from my Soundblaster Live level of recording.
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    IF you look for a simple yet powerful and free DAW: Garageband
    If you look for a complete, huge and super featured DAW: Logic Pro 7
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    Soundblaster? tells me he is a windows user.

    Check out studio central

    there are some tutorials and reviews there, and they have a great user forum


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