DAW Software comparison - PT, Logic, Cubase, Cakewalk, etc.

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by britune, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. britune

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    I am buying a new studio. I want to be able to record a live band all playing at the same time (about 12 mics). I want to be able to occassionally fix a tuning or timimg problem (for a singer's out of tune note or a drummers late snare hit). I want to do automated mix down. I will not be doing MIDI. I have been recording since 1984 and have some nice mics, and instruments (drainbabies.com; rockefellerspocket.com).

    I can afford a Digi002, but am not sure if that's best for me. I'm good at learing technology, but like to keep things simple and stay focused on the music, not drop down menus.

    I keep reading about the different software out there and everyone has a different opinion.

    Does anyone know a resource for comparing Pro Tools to Cubase to Logic to Cakewalk??? Is there a web site that does this? Do you know an honest and knowledgable saleman that I can call?

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    You didin't say what platform you are on.

    Logic is Mac only, Cakewalk is PC only. PTLE performs about the same on both plarforms, Cubase SX works better on PC.

    It has the highest system requirement of any Mac DAW, only dual G5 owners seem to bew happy.

    I suggest you go to your local music store for hands on demos.

  3. britune

    britune Guest

    I could get either. I'll buy a new computer or laptop for my studio. I was thinking probably Windows because I've never used a Mac and they seem to cost more money. My main thing is getting software that does what I need and is easy to use.
  4. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    I'm fairly new to DAW based setups and went with Sonar., I'm using it strictly as a mixing platform (track on a standalone HDR) and it's been a relatively easy learning curve. My 2cents: don't skimp on your soundcard or interface, get the best converters your budget will allow. These will contribute greatly in stereo imaging and bass definition.
  5. britune

    britune Guest

    I have about $4,000 to spend. How is the Digi002 or Digi002R compared to other systems?
  6. tundrkys

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    This guy had been doing a running comparison of Logic/Sonar/and Cubase, for quite some time. I think since the VST/Pro Audio days.

    I haven't kept up with him since Logic went Apple.

    On the DR002, what would you have to do to be able to record 12 mics?? Whatever you add will have to be digi approved.
  7. DaveG

    DaveG Guest

    Check out Samplitude for audio it is the in a class of it's own.
  8. bossa

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    Dec 27, 2004
    My 2 cents worth...

    I have just bought PTLE 6.7 with the 002R. I actually ended up building my own PC to run it (go to http://www.houseofbossa.com/motherload_pcs.htm to see components).
    After 2 weeks I am finding PT very easy to navigate...just sitting and clicking buttons to see what will happen. No system problems at all so far. Sonically, I don't think it is quite as good as my 2 adats used to be...a bit disappointing...I would recommend it though, but get the factory bundle with it. The plug-ins (Moogerfooger, Joe Meek EQ etc) bring the tracks alive and the basic effects it comes otherwise with are not great. Doesn't come with manuals for the plugs etc, which is a bit annoying.

    Have fun!

    House of Bossa
  9. britune

    britune Guest

    With the Digi002, you can have up to 18 simultaneous inputs. 4 xlr, 4 TRS, 8 ADAT lightpipe, 2 SPDIF.

    Does the Protools LE base software come with the ability to correct pitch and timing mistakes? or do you need the factory bundle to get that??

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