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Discussion in 'Computing' started by synap2012, Aug 14, 2004.

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    hey guys I have a Korg D1600 and a Mac G4. I am trying to use the D1600 as my A/D & D/A converter. The D1600 has scuzzy port (scsi) so I can use an external HD. My Mac has a scuzzy port so theoretically I can use the MAC's HD when I record with the D1600? right?

    my other question is? my D1600 can be used as a midi controller device. Controlling the mixer section and play/rec/rw/ff/etc. How would I go about utilizing this with protools? what harware will I need? what version of pro tools do I need to make his work? And were can I get pro tools for a good price that will work with what I am doing?

    thanx shon
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    I'm not sure about this. The scsi may only work as a file traqnsfer protocal. I am not sure if it can effect a real time latency free ytansfer of data.

    This all runs via midi.. It's very simple .. a couple of commands and a midi cable should be all you need... look this up in the Korg manual under midi control ..
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    This will require that you take control over your G4 from the SCSI port.
    You can start up your G4 in FireWire mode so you can use your G4 as if it was just an external FireWire disc. But I've never heard of starting up a G4 in SCSI mode...?
    Maybe they can help you in the DAW forum? or try to google it.

    But i think that even if you could do this,(take over your G4 from the SCSI port), it would be easier to get a normal external HD.

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