DAW vs. Analogue vs. External digital mixing

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    I’m weighing up a possible mixer solution for a home studio. The current setup is as follows:

    Vocals: BLUE Kiwi / U87 -> Liquid Channel
    Acoustic guitar: KM184 x 2 -> John Hardy M1
    Room: BLUE Kiwi -> John Hardy M1

    Preamps -> LynxTWO -> PC with Cubase SX 3

    I’m currently doing my mixing in the PC (including all FX and processing). But, it’s a bit shitty using a mouse all the time.

    Possibilities are:

    1) Hardware controller and keep the mixing in the DAW.
    2) External analog mixer.
    3) External digital mixer.

    Can you offer any advice and / or do you know of any good articles / threads that weigh up the relative pros and cons of these three methods?

    Asking for specific model recommendations is a very open ended thing to do, but if anyone has had good comparative experience I’d be very interested – my budget is about £1200 (about $2150). Given the relatively few channels I'll need - I'm hoping this is realistic.

    Given the quality of the front end, a primary concern is maintaining the quality of the signal (only applicable to options 2 and 3 where another link is added to the chain).



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