DB25 cables for Pro Tools

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by larryt, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Where can one buy DB25 to XLR3 cables for Pro Tools. Also DB25 to pigtail ends.


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    Buy them from digidesign. They are called digisnakes. They are outstanding. they come with a metal threading that you can fix to your rack, so that the cables/connectors don't take any pressure. They are neatly labelled. Just a bit expensive but you get what you paid for.
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    I have a 3 month old 12 foot Digisnake cable on ebay right now DB25 TO 8TRS BALANCED SNAKES I paid 95.00 from the Dig store you can get it from me or my auction for reserve 50.00 Theirs a picture on the auction so you can see it It is basically brand new and was never used as you will see Thanks regards Paul
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    Are these Digidesign cables wired to a propritary schematic? (it wouldn't surprise me) Or are the same as all other DB25 cables, wired as per the Tascam protocol?

    DB25's (Tascam types) are widely available ... check http://www.markertek.com ....

    there's lots of cables and all kinds of other recording related products there, you can order via the net and the stuff shows up at your door ... you don't even have to put your pants on!
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    Another option is to build them yourself. You'll need a multimeter and an existing cable to copy from. Set the meter to continuity or anywhere on the ohm scale. Put one lead on pin 1 of XLR 1 and the other lead on pin 1 of the DB-25, if you don't get continuity keep moving the second lead of the meter from pin to pin on the DB-25 until you do. Write down where each pin of each XLR connects to the DB-25 and you have a schematic to wire your own cables and you don't have to pay DIGI $100 for a $25 cable. Happy Building!

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