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dbx 117 / 119 decilinear vs. dbx 160VU

Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters (analog)' started by mig27, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. mig27

    mig27 Active Member

    Feb 15, 2002
    Berlin, Germany
    hi everyone,

    I am the lucky owner of a pair of dbx 160VU compressors. It would be lovely to dispose of some more compressors like that for tracking drums.

    can anyone tell how different the consumer-compressors of the same era sound? I'm talking about the non-symmetrical models 117 and 119 (decilinear) with RCA-connectors. you usually can find them second hand for little money...

    thanks very much in advance for your comments.

    all the best,

  2. Tom Cram

    Tom Cram Active Member

    Mar 5, 2001
    salt lake city, utah
    Home Page:
    The 119 is a great compressor, I just picked up another one on e-bay for $40. They sound very similar to a 160VU, in fact I've been told they have the same circuitry and VCA, just different connectors (and no VU meters). I haven't popped mine open yet so take that as anecdotal. I love mine, and use it on pretty much every session, usually on snare. It doesn't have the cache' of the 160VU, but it has the sound. :tu:
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