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  1. Kris_Hilbert

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    I just bought a DBX 266XL compressor/gate to use when recording kick, snare, and vocals. Can someone explain the basics of the controls and what they each do? Does anyone have any "presets" that I should try and then tweak from there? Thanks.
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    Feb 15, 2005
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    Read the manual for the Alesis 3630.


    It is for a different unit, but they have all the same controls. The appendix has a complete explanation of the principles behind compression, which I do not feel up to typing out.

    As far as presets, anyone will tell you that whatever works, works. But if you google for like 2 minutes you will find all kinds of sites to give loosely "standardized" settings. This is never as good as experimentation with a grasp on the operating principles, though.
    Just in case you are feeling lazy, though:


  3. Kris_Hilbert

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    Word. Thank you very much. The reason I didn't google is because I had only a few minutes and I trusted you guys here to give me straight, real answers.
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    Start Low and Slow.

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