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    I have noticed a lot of write up's on DC-OFF-SET.

    I use Cubase & Wavelab.

    When and where do I find & use the menu to do DC-offset?
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    Are you suffering from it or trying to create it?
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    DC offset is generally something that is undesirable. It more typically happens with poor quality "sound cards" such as those supplied with computers or, "Sound Blasters" of any variety, regardless of price.

    Professional quality software will, depending upon manufacturer, may automatically remove DC offset, with any functions such as Normalize, level adjustments, compression & limiting. Or, you may find that with certain functions an optional checkbox may indicate "remove DC offset".

    Bad DC offsets are generally easy to see in your waveform display. You'll notice that the centerline of the display of the waveform, will not necessarily appear to be centered within the window. The waveform will appear to be highly asymmetrical. Audio always appears to be somewhat asymmetrical, naturally. But if the entire waveform seems to be shoved up or shoved down, that generally ain't good. Smaller DC offsets are not as readily noticeable visually. But, if you hear a loud click, when starting or stopping playback of a recorded file, you are most likely hearing a DC offset. They're obnoxious sounding and can damage speakers and your hearing. Starting & stopping playback should be a relatively quiet process. Quality computer audio interfaces are generally not plagued by such anomalies.

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    DC offset- DC Voltage is present in the Audio signal. the way to remove it is typically a coupling capacitor. Not all designs use them though.

    In wavelab you can remove DC offset by selecting all, and under tools(I think) select remove DC offset.

    As Remy said, the speakers don't like DC as it forces their position and limits their ability to vibrate full scale.

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