ddx 3216 getting effects to monitor mixes for live sound

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by rwaters, Dec 11, 2005.

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    My band is using the ddx3216 for our live sound. The thing that we are having trouble with is getting signals (with processing) to our monitors.
    We use 8 chanels for our main mix and we have those set up just like we want them, however, we need to have 4 seperate monitor mixes and can't understand how to route them with effects to the multi outs. I mixed the 8 main chanels to the 4 aux sends and routed the aux sends to multi outs 1-4 and I get a good mix - level wise - to the monitors, but doing it that way we can't use effects or compression for that mix.
    Is there a way to get 4 seperate mon mixes with effects and if so could you give me detailed set up? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    When you say that you want to get the effects to the monitors, are you talking about external processing or the stuff built into the board? Some processing ,like compression, is best done via inserts. If you are referring to the internal effects, there may not be a way to do that. You will have to consult the manual or tech support. If you are talking about an external effects(delay,reverb,etc), that's easy. I typically use an "open" channel strip and treat the return just like any other source plugged into the board. That way you can EQ, pan, and assign the processor to your hearts' content. You will have to have at least an extra post-fader Aux send bus besides the (4) pre-fade mixes you are using to go the monitors. Most boards today have 6 sends, so you will probably be able to pull that off. And if you want to preserve some sort of stereo imaging of the effects to the house, you can use 2 input channels to return the stereo outputs of the processor, 1 panned Left, the other panned right. One warning: don't forget to "kill" the return channels' aux send back to the effects unit! In other words, if you are using, say, Aux 5&6 to go to the effects, keep that pair of sends muted on the channels you are returning the effects to. Otherwise, you will be creating a very nasty feedback loop. Hope that helps!

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