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  1. Hey guys, What exactly is the best and most professional way to deaden a rooms sound for band recording and such? Where can I find more info on this? Any info would be greattt :D
  2. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    This is an involved subject with may pitfalls, but there are some good resources out there. Download and read every page of this booklet from Auralex acoustics. Also, read the entire Acoustics FAQ at Here at RO, we have a forum dedicated to acoustics as well with several very smart guys who can answer any questions you might have.
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    room deadening

    crude things I have done (regarding room acoustics!):

    walk thru room and clap hands, listening for (excessive) reverberation, possibly due to parallel walls. I have hung 2'x4' acoustical ceiling tiles (ask for specs, choose ones with best attenuation properties). Flameproof vs not flameproof is never a bad idea, as it's sometimes a choice. This stuff doesn't help with low freqs well however.

    If there is a way you can introduce anti-parallelism for (one or more) walls, i.e., dividers, etc., that will help with echos.

    Harry Olson book on acoustics and other text references on Musical Acoustics sometimes have conceptual ideas that you can apply.

    Or, hire a consultant if you're making money.

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Staple moving blankets ($15 ea. @ Home De' Pot) to the walls and ceiling.
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    1. Do what David said. There are many 'How Do I?' posts like yours there.

    2. Find a local dealer of Owens Corning 703 and buy one or two 10 packs.

    3. Using the info in #1 make various traps from the 703 according to the problems you have identified.

    4. Get your g/f to help you make some attractive covers.

    5. Hang as indicated in Step #1.

    Et Voila.

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    Here's a great (but long) article:

    and another one:

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