Decided to mic bass and guitar need some help.

Discussion in 'Bass' started by bigdaddybluesman, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I have been using a POD for guitar and just a preamp for bass as a DI. I use a SOLO 610 for the POD and an LA610 for the bass.

    I plugged in one of my guitars and amps today and wailed away full open. Although it's maybe 18 watts it was loud and glorious. I did things I just could not do direct with the POD.

    So I went and ordered 2 Blackheart heads, I saw some demos on youtube and they sounded pretty good. I know I can get some sounds out of them, at $150 why not try them. Those are 3/5 watt amps and I will use some of my old Jensen speakers. My question is what are some good mics other than a 57 to mic the amps with?

    I also have decided to use a small bass amp and mic that along with direct. Again what is a good mic to use. Do I go with a mic for a kick drum or just use a 57 or maybe an RE20? Both? D112, Beta 52, how about a Yamaha sub kick right in front of the bass amp?

    Any info on mics, techniques using more than one mic, anything would be greatly appreciated. Any articles or web pages, sites, even just a picture of some setups from the past.

    I just was getting such a great sound today, stuff there is no possible way to achieve with the POD. I can use the POD for some tracks but there was nothing like a cranked hotrodded Fender amp with old Jensen speakers!!!
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    Well, after just starting to record guitars, I simply used the sm57. After putting the guitar amp on my bed, I played with the mic for an hour or so to get a good sound. What came out on the recording was an exact replica of what I heard in the room. So as far as micing guitar amps, there ain't nothin' wrong with the ole 57. To add depth, I just doubled the track and panned hard left and hard right.

    About right there is where I put the 57. Each amp and room sounds different so experimenting helped a ton.

    You're right though, plugging direct just sounds like crap. Too tinny and not enough "air" around the guitar. Just experiment with the 57, and if you can't get a good sound it's probably not the mic. I got a good sound from the 57 with a bad sounding amp and a bad sounding room.
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    I really enjoy the sound of my Senn 906, it doesn't seem to require as much 'fiddling' around when trying to get a good sound. There seems to be a thousand way to Sunday with tweaking the it good bad or otherwise.
    So when I just want to record something in a snap, I just hang the 906 from any of my amp/cabs and it delivers nicely.

    Get some clips up for us to listen once you have some stuff recorded.
  4. Well this is my stuff with the POD.

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