Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by topher, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. topher

    topher Guest

    How are the vocals mixed. Is it the EQ or is there some sort of effect that makes it sound sorta not so present but you can still make out what he's saying fine.

    Is there a bit of distortion on his voice????
  2. vinniesrs

    vinniesrs Active Member

    May 12, 2003
    You can hear what he says?? :D
  3. israelsonny2

    israelsonny2 Guest

    good one steve :p

    it sounds to me like the vocals were run through an amp or something to me. I heard chino uses a sm58 a lot anyway, and there's a fair bit of reverb on the new album. maybe that contributed to it.
  4. bauman

    bauman Guest

    I read Terry Date uses a lot double compression, like 2 1176LN one after another to track. To mix they go and compress it again (on another compressor I think...)
  5. kellyd

    kellyd Guest

    I believe he also sings thru monitors in the studio, no headphones. Terry Date was commenting about some feedback on a couple of tracks. The combo of heavy double compression and the mic reacting to the monitors give you more of a live sonic to the vocals. The mic reacts differently. When I do heavy gits sometimes the only way to get the git to react the way I want is the put the git player in the same room with the amp. Similar situations Then again there is the Date/Wallace connection. Which says a whole lot by itself.
  6. sstockham

    sstockham Guest

    Chino likes his SPX-9000...A LOT!
  7. kellyd

    kellyd Guest

    About the Date/Wallace connection. More Date influence. Terry Date is a master of this style.
    Just wanted to clarify.
  8. sstockham

    sstockham Guest

    Enlighten me/us on the connection between Terry Date and Andy Wallace. Considering Mr. Wallace has never mixed a Deftones record, I'm assuming you know something that I don't. Do Share, thanks!

    El Jamon
  9. kellyd

    kellyd Guest

    Sorry, I was under the impression that he mixed the first CD or some of the songs. The only one I own is the latest which of course is mixed by Date. A friend of mine who loves the first one told me Wallace mixed it. Guess he's wrong. By your post I assume you know better. I stand corrected.
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