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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by suspec57, Sep 25, 2002.

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    Whats crackin everybody its been a while
    :w: I've got a question that i need help on for all you Cubase SX users. I've been using Sonar XL 2.0 for a while now and want to get away from cakewalk so I finally got a copy of Cubase SX.

    Though similar to Nuendo which I've used (but only for audio barely because I mostly use Sonar) I can't figure out why i'm getting a fat delay when trying to use any vst instruments. I've read somewhere that using a different ASIO driver can play a part, is that true? Also would having Sonar and Cubase on the same system be bad since they use different sound drivers? Could my sound cards be the prob or at least be a part of it? And how do I set up both of my sound cards?

    The system i'm using consist of: ASUS tuv-4x, 800PIII, 896 Mb PC133 SDRAM, matrox g450, two Echo Gina24's (no sync cable), and 2x2 midisport on XP Pro.

    I have no problems with Sonar since I already know how to use it but still new to Cubase. Need to fix this problem soon because the studio I just got into wants to use SX for its main so I need to figure this program inside and out within two weeks. Can somebody please give me info on how to solve problem. (I'm willing to redo my system and start from scratch if I have too.)
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    Apr 7, 2001
    What ASIO driver are you using? Devices, Device Setup, VST Multitrack...ASIO driver should be set to ASIO ECHO or something like that!
    Also look at the control panel within that page and make sure the buffers are set low enough.
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    I'll second that. You can get some hellatious delays if using the generic asio driver as opposed to the card specific one...
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    hey thanks yalls it helped alot! :) turns out i didn't have it set up right. i was using the wrong asio driver and my buffer setting was too high. did exactly what you said by using my echo asio driver and lowering the buffer and fixed it right away. it was so easy thanks to you guys. RIGHT ON!
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    Score one more for communication among the masses -- and another demerit for manuals and their creators everywhere.

    I am at least a minor expert on manuals. This comes as the natural outgrowth of being placed at the mercy of so many badly written, poorly organized and obtuse examples.

    The answer to this guy's question is IN the Cubase manual. Someplace. But is there any reference in the index to the symptom he was confronted with? Was there a checklist of timing related possibles? Or was it the usual case of the manual being written only by people and, therefore, for people who already know the material and don't need a manual anyway ?

    In my opinionated opinion, manuals should be written in 3 chairs:

    Chair 1: Somebody who knows everything about the product and presumably how it will be used.

    Chair 2: Somebody who knows NOTHING about the product or similar products but is reasonably intelligent and wants to climb the curve.

    Chair 3: Somebody who knows how to WRITE and ORGANIZE a manual based on the work of Chairs 1 and 2. Actually, Chair 3 can be occupied by the person in Chair 1 or Chair 2, but there MUST BE AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE.

    Whoever occupies Chair 2 is essentially a THROWAWAY. Once Chair 2's occupant has learned the material and the manual is written, Chair 2 must be vacated and re-filled for any subsequent major updates and re-writes. Chair 2 must always be occupied by a fresh learner. ALWAYS.

    When they think they have it right?

    They should have to prove it with a group of fresh Chair 2s. Only this time, all the group gets is the MANUAL.

    Too often, manuals are written at the last minute by a bunch of 1s and a bunch of 3s and they slap it together, give it the once-over, save it as a PDF, throw it on the install CD, grab a suitcase and jam for NAMM.

    Thanks a lot. The 2s of this world salute you.

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    You are right on. Ever perused the Logic manual? what a piece...
    I just got my Samplitude Producer 2496 and the manual is the most well written manual for software I have ever received. And I am comparing it to all software (reasonably complex software, that is). Especially for daw software... What a pleasure. Video tutorials built in to the cdrom. What a concept! I totally dig it...
    Anyone interested in checking it out should go to http:// and click on tutorial. It will allow you to download a quick video overview of the tutorial. Only drawback is right now I can only get it to work from their German site (and it is a little hard for me to understand)... Luckily the cdrom has it in english ;~)

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