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    Hi everyone, I just recently bought bough some equiptment to record a few songs on my computer...I have been recording on my computer for a while now, but I have 2 things that really drive me crazy about my setup that maybe you guys can help me with.

    1. The loudest I can get the volume into my computer for recording is -24 DB. No matter what. I used to have a soundcard, but I now use a lexicon omega for my recording, and even with everything turned up to the max to the point its clipping like mad, its -24db. Help?

    2. There is a delay in my recordings. Its very small but enought to where if im recording over something else, its always just slighty off beat. Again it has done this on both my soundcard and on the omega.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Tell us what you have and how you're using it - signal chain, hardware, software - top to bottom.

    The delay is called latency - there are ways to reduce it and compensate for it in most software - the specifics will depend on what you have.

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