Dell Inspiron 1520 with RME Fireface 800

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Rudyvanbebu, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Rudyvanbebu

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    Hello to all in Forum!

    I am really new in this forum and I want to ask if someone worked already with this combo:

    RME Fireface 800 + Dell Inspiron 1520

    I know that Dell Inspirons usually have problems due to the Ricoh Firewire Chip, but I am planning to buy the RME FF800 and I wanted to check if someone has by chance this combo.
    I have already test my laptop with a FF400 of a friend and work without any kind of problem. But I just want to be sure before putting the money down and sadly I cannot access to a FF800 to run any kind of test.

    Please, if you have any tip or experience with them together it would be more than appreciated. I have taking tips and knoledge from this forum before, but I have never needed any kind of direct support.
    The idea is to try to avoid buying an ExpressCard for the firewire ports with Texas instruments Chipset, used already for an UAD-2 Laptop Solo.

    Thanks again

    My Dell Inspiron 1520 Core2Duo T7300 2Gb RAM
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    Mar 20, 2008
    currently Billings
    You won't have any problems. You do need to purchase an Express Card firewire adapter. I use a SiiG 2812 on my Inspiron 9400 (e1705). It also works on a Latitude D620 and D820. If a FF400 worked then so will the FF800.

    99% of onboard firewire chips are not adequate for audio so don't even worry about. You may get them to work for some things but they are mostly there for the manufacturer to say it's included-and Sony's influence (iLink).

    [edit] The D620 works just fine with the FF800 but does not have an Express Card slot. I use a Nitro 400/800 Cardbus for it. I do not chain both FF800's on the D620.
  3. Rudyvanbebu

    Rudyvanbebu Guest

    Thanks for the info THeJackAttack


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