Delta 1010 does it come with the MME driver

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ttir, Oct 5, 2004.

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    From my understanding....this card will work with cool edit pro or adobe audition if it has the MME card. i think the delta comes with the driver but i'm not sure. i have a link that gives a discription of it. i think it does but i wanna make sure. the hell do i hook up a mixer to this and can it be more then a 8 track mixing board?

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  2. well from what ive seen on here, people use it with cool edit, and i use it with sonar..

    all you do is hook it up through the mixer's direct outputs, if it has them, and channel sends which is what i did... and so far, all i can do is 6 into the card, cuz 2 are mic jacks, and the other 2 are something wierd, which makes the 10... but 6 are only functional to go into the mixer... sucks kinda cuz i have 8 outs on my mixer, but whatever... i heard of people adding on to the maudio cards to get more channels.. but not sure on that, im still working figuring out working with what i got now. haha
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    Cactus -

    You should be able to use 8 analog inputs on your 1010. I'm guessing that you have the 1010lt. What I did is buy two xlr to rca converters for the #1 and 2 inputs and run from my mixer direct outs or sub group outs to the ins on the 1010. I used a 8 channel 1/4" to rca snake. You will also have to change jumpers on the card to compensate for the input of the mixer.
  4. what the heck is that? lol I'm thinking about buying the 1010 also and that was confusing lol I understood everything but that! hehe :D
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    I was talking about the 1010lt. I'm not sure if the 1010 has jumpers. You could save some dough and go with the 1010lt. The wiring is a little messier because it does not have a breakout box. Here are compatibility specs from the maudio site.

    ASIO 2
    Sound Manager
    Mac OS X Core Audio / Core MIDI

    I run three of these at the same time and never had a problem.
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    if it's the regular 1010 - there are +4/-10 switches on the back of the unit... switchable per input/output.

    The 1010 can run 10 in and out (8 analog plus S/PDIF both ways) simultaneously. I've been using one for a long time - and it's pretty good sounding and rock solid.

    IMO, the 1010 and the RME stuff are the class of the sub-apogee class of interfaces. Someday, perhaps a Lynx and 16 channels of Apogee for me ... for now - just a 1010 with a 1010AI.
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    So is can i record 8 tracks???

    I kinda got a little confused. Can i record 8 tracks with this thing??? I need the 8 inputs for recording drums. If i can't...What Card do i need that is compatible with cool edit pro?? I can see why people buy digidesign.....that way they know what they are buying and know it's gonna work. They don't have to spend a month trying to find something with 8 inputs thats gonna work. Dang this is a lot of work.
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    No, you can't record 8 tracks... you can record 10, actually.

    As long as your software supports it (not sure if it works properly with the MME driver, but with ASIO it works just fine) you can record up to 8 individual tracks via the analog ins (or lightpipe with the AI box) plus a stereo pair via the S/PDIF input.
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    I found the software that i need. Thanks for the help and the confusion.

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