DELTA 1010's - Anybody successfully using 2 or 3 together?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Our Religion, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. Our Religion

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    Hello digital hardware people.....I have 3 MAudio Delta 1010 A/D/A's (24 channels total of analog I/O) and I'm having a problem getting them to play nice together. I'm thinking this is a clocking issue. The 1st box is running on it's internal xtal and the other 2 boxes are SUPPOSED to be slaves.....using the master clock of the 1st box through SPDIF connections.

    Recording up to 24 tracks through the hardware INs? No problem.

    Piping more than 8 tracks out individually for analog mixdown? All the hardware OUTs of the 2nd and 3rd boxes go into a 'stuttering loop' immediately upon playback. They reset only when I close the application I'm running.

    MAudio basically says..."we don't know what's wrong".

    Have any of you all run these cards together successfully?

    Any ideas on this problem?

    I'm kinda stuck.


  2. dabmeister music

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    Jan 11, 2003
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  3. Our Religion

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    I'm primarily using Nuendo, though I also use Vegas sometimes.

    I accidentally found a quirky 'workaround' to this problem. When I first boot up, if I open up a project in Vegas FIRST, then close it and open my Nuendo project, all is well. I can successfully bus out 24 tracks to the H/W outs of my Delta boxes.

    But if I boot up, and try to open a Nuendo project first, I can only bus out the first 8 H/W outs, the rest of the H/W outs give me clipped digital garbage.
  4. dabmeister music

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    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
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    OR, is there any utility panels for your 1010's? I had to not only physically hook up my Layla's (via BNC) but go into the control panel and address the clocking issues there too.
  5. Our Religion

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    dab - Yes, I am using the (supposed) proper settings in the DELTA control panel. The cards are physically linked through SPDIF, which is how the 2nd and 3rd boxes are supposed to get their clock (from the 1st box's internal crystal).

    There are also BNC word clock IN/OUT's on each box. I'm now wondering if I use these connections INSTEAD of the SPDIF connections, if I might not solve the problem. It's what I'm going to try next anyway.

    The best solution is probably an external word clock generator.
  6. truly that is the only solution...

    You need an external clock.

    Go with a high quality solution and it will actually improve the sound of the Deltas (which already sound good in my opinion).

    With two units it's not a big deal. With three you really need an external clock.

    The Deltas will take on the jitter attributes of the master clock you buy so go with a good one...

  7. Our Religion

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    Hi Brock. Good to see a fellow Austinite around here. :)

    Yeah, I'm looking at the Lucid master clock generator......
  8. hey man! didn't even notice!

    viva Austin!!

    Glad South X Southwest is over... I can get a beer at the bar now...

    it was pretty crazy around these parts.
  9. Our Religion

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    I purchased a Lucid word clock generator. Problem solved and I can tell a difference in audio quality, which I was skeptical about. The sound stage just seems deeper, with better detail. The sonic difference is especially noticeable in the tails of reverb.

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