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  1. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    Feb 21, 2005
    i've been trying to get my equipment through my relatives in different countries but i find prices of the stuff i need are less in America so i would try to get the equipment from America but the problem is my relatives have failed in purchasing just because they get confused by seeing models that have similarities because they don't have any know how of the stuff i need.
    i so now thinking of buying it online. iam basically from Pakistan i don't know which place 'web site' to trust
    i checked but they don't ship internationaly
    can any 1 tell me where should i look for the things i need. should i buy all equipment from 1 place, would it be benifitial?

    now basically i've 2 conditions, whether i should buy online and give the address of my relatives who live in America so the suppliers ship it to them and then they ship it to me in Pakistan.

    2nd one is that i find a trustworthy web site and pay them to ship it directly to me in Pakistan.
    i see on many websites that they provide free shipping i don't think they ship free internationaly.
    so please suggest me what should i do, i am spending more than 3000$ for the equipment that is so important for my future.
    following is basically what i require.

    Electric guitar ESP(ltd delux m1000fm)
    with all the specs that are shown on the
    and a hardcase suitable for this guitar. (quantity/1)

    audio interface Emu 1820 (quantity/1)

    Senneihser 280hd headphones (quantity/1)

    Genelec 8030a monitors pair. (quantity/1)

    Dimarzio guitar straps cliplock. (quantity/2)

    fast fret guitar cleaners. (quantity/14)

    line6 pod xt (quantity/1)
  2. bounce

    bounce Guest

    I'd go with the first option. Best of luck with your new gear!

  3. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    If I were you I'd move out of that crazy area :shock: ; but seriously, why would it be cheaper to have your relatives ship it to you rather than straight from the dealer? Or I guess maybe the trouble is finding a dealer that will do it. Some of those items might have shipping on them to get to your relatives, and then again to get to you. I would look for a dealer that ships internationally; Sweetwater says they do, but are limited in what they can ship.

    If you end up having your relatives buy the stuff, email them specific links to the items on the dealer website of your choice so they don't get confused.
  4. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2004
    go with the first option.

    the problem has to do with tariffs and sanctions i dont know what sanctions and tariffs would aply goin to pakastan but an international shipper should be able to tell you but find this out before buying as if you shipp it and your not suposted to (indont know why) it could be considerd smugleing.
  5. shmaba

    shmaba Guest


    Find a dealer which will ship directly to you.
    Post their name here or any other place to get feedback from people which have delt with that dealer before.
    When you have found a thrustworthy dealer, pay them for the gear by money transfer or credit card- then they will have no objection to shipping to Pakistan.
    Pay the import taxes that you should pay, don't try anything smart to get away from it. Your country needs the money.

    Best of luck with your new gear!! :D
    Altough if it where up to me:
    Don't buy the ESP, buy a fender.
    Don't buy Genelecs buy small Dynaudios
    Don't buy a Pod, find a used Fender Deluxe

    but then again, I know next to nothing.
  6. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    Feb 21, 2005
    Thanks a lot guys for your replies i would definitely be looking for a dealer who can deliver the goods to me in Pakistan. But who should i ask for shipping and tax or duty charges that will be made for the goods.
    if the dealer ships through Fedex, or UPS to Pakisan.
    thanks Shmaba
    i have a stratcopy i really love its sound but it has a noise problem (internal circuit not grounded) i don't have any 1 here who can help me with that but i would try to fix it my self. but as it would take some time and i cant do right now.
    i also have a fender bullet amp.
    as iam thinking of doing music professionaly, and commercialy so i need a bank of different sounds thats why i want the podxt.
    by the way whats wrong with the genelecs.
  7. shmaba

    shmaba Guest

    Then Fedex or UPS will do the formalities around import taxes and bill you for it, you can ask them, or a customs office.

    It's a matter of preference.
    The reason Genelec once got so popular is because they sponsored trips for a lot of american and european broadcasting engineers to go to finland, spend some time in the Sauna with a lot of Vodka and pretty girls. Then they signed the contracts.

    Genelecs have extremly hyped highs, sounds unaturally clean, and everything sounds the same on them(once heard them described as "Steely Dan on Cocaine") . On the other hand, this might be what you're looking for.
  8. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    If I were you, I wouldn't ask an American dealer about Pakistani import duties. You should really get this information at home. Some tariffs are very specific, and it can get complicated. If I were you, I would contact a shipping agent in Pakistan.

    There's a dealer in Germany If I remember correctly they have links to their organisation in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai I think). I can't vouch for this dealer, but you should read all of the information on their site.

    Maybe the shipping will be cheaper (UPS from USA to Europe is expensive, so I can imagine it must be very expensive to Pakistan).

    If you buy from the UAE, the import duties might be different, and shipping would most certainly be cheaper. This is worth checking out.

    One United States based dealer I have successfully dealt with in the past is

    They are reliable, but their stock is limited in comparison with some of the bigger dealers, but they certainly sell e-mu products.

    From Germany you can use also use

    Remember that you will get a 16% discount from German dealers as your goods will be leaving the European Union. Their prices are quite good. This might make up for any taxes you have to pay Pakistan.

    Good luck!

    John Stafford
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