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  1. I'm currently doing some home recording with an older version of Adobe Audition pro. I'm very new to how digital recording works, and how to set it up, but I get the basics. I'm having issues with the metronome. Where am I supposed to plug my headphones into to hear the metronome and not have it incorporate itself into the recording? It says in its help box to enable metronome and that the clicks won't be recorded unless 'you're using a microphone and the computers speakers are on. If I'm plugged into the pc's soundcard in the front at the bottom, why is it picking up the metronome in midi clarity? If the speakers are off, what routes the sound of the metronome into the headphones and from where? It's not recording the metronome, it's incorporating it into the recording. I'm obviously doing something wrong somewhere, or my headphones aren't plugged into the right place, or something. Any help with this issue would be great.
    All in all, I just want to be able to record with the metronome, and have no interference with it within the recording. Being able to turn it off and on and hear it in headphones when I'm recording and not have it record would make my day...ughkk...
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    Jun 26, 2007
    While I am not quite certain what the question is, maybe I can help. In your preferences area of the software you should be able to setup the metronome to play while recording AND to play on playback. If you do not want to hear it when you are listening to the tracks that you have already recorded...turn it off:)
  3. Hooray! Since logging out, and just toying around with it, I got the problem solved. I had some device order issues.
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    If you are using a soundcard like a SoundBlaster I think they may have a driver setting labelled 'record what U hear' in the volume controlsetup panel. That could do it.

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