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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Randy G, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. Randy G

    Randy G Guest

    I am putting together a new system and am considering this. What are the plusses/minuses over other systemS? How does everyone like the digi software? Soundcard? Just fishing for more information so I make a wise decision. Thanks! RandyG :cool:
  2. greendestiny

    greendestiny Guest

    Ive been useing 001 for about 9 month
    now it seems to work better then all the other
    programs in the same or less price range.
    i 've heard some complaints but useually from
    people who try to build their own computers,
    i have had not one problem.. its been rock
  3. greendestiny

    greendestiny Guest

    oh yeh , im using a g4 mac.
    just so you know.
  4. jeronimo

    jeronimo Guest

    I also have a G4 and Digi 001 works rock solid!
    the olny complaints are about performance. While all the competitors have some kind of attractive (logic is altivec enhanced, digital performer and nuendo are dual processor ready), PT LE is still limited to 24 mono tracks, and processor speed in essential to higher plugin counts while mixing...
    But, PT is by far the most stable/intuitive/known software out there right now.
  5. Randy G

    Randy G Guest

    Thanks guys. I forgot to mention - can 001 work with Acid loops?
  6. wrave

    wrave Guest

    Randy, I'm no pro with Digi001 but depending on what you are asking, yes, it can work with Acid loops. All that is required is to dump your loops into compatible format, I think that for macs it is .aiff? if you were on a PC it would be .wav files.

    For constructing samples into a loop based program, the 001 and PTLE is not really intended for use in that manner. However, small bits and pieces of audio files can be imported into PTLE tracks and manipulated then. But it's not a handy way to work with small audio files.

    You can build the loop part of your composition in Acid, convert it to an audio file and import that into PT. Then add any other tracks to it like voice overs or instrument tracks.

    I hope this answers your question.

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