Digi 002 Rack vs MBOX

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Roswell-CS, May 8, 2004.

  1. Roswell-CS

    Roswell-CS Guest

    hey everyone --

    Right now i have an MBOX, and was thinking about switching to a Digi 002 Rack.
    Im only using this for vocals ( i run into the MBOX from a Focusrite ISA220 ),
    so will i get better sound using the Digi 002?
    Or am i mainly just paying for more inputs/outputs....

    Would i be smarter to just buy a really good a/d converter and go from my Pre Amp through that and into my MBOX via S/PDIF?

    I just want to get the best quality sound from my Pre Amp!
    ( and i dont have a huge budget )

    Any insight would be appreciated! :)

  2. ErinSmith

    ErinSmith Guest

    Did you mean the 001?

    I have the 002. And love it so far.

    You may do better for the money if you decide what the minimum number of I/Os you need and get the best one you can afford. I am not sure you need as much as the 002 offers and for the 2200.00 it costs (with ProTools LE) you could get something that suits your needs better.

    I am new to home recording, but when I bought my stuff I got this same advise from others more experienced than I. I went ahead and got the 002 package because I wanted to get into pro tools and I liked the mixing console.

  3. nuclearmoon

    nuclearmoon Guest

    Erin, he does mean 002 rack. There is a rack mount version of your 002 without the HUI. The 002R is considerably cheaper than the 002. $1600US I believe......
  4. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    Jul 5, 2003
    Portland, OR
    Actually, the original poster can get a Digi002 Rack system, with the current version of ProTools (6.4 I believe), for $895 under the Digi Hardware Exchange Program.

    The software will be identical (assuming he's using PTLE 6.4 now on the MBox). However, he will go from two to 4 somewhat better pres, up to 18 channels in at once (8 analog and 10 digital), plus all that other stuff that the 002 has that the MBox doesn't. Oh, yeah, better converters too.
  5. EricK

    EricK Guest

    Are you using the digital out on the ISA 220? If so, you will not notice any differnce between the Digi002-Rack and the M-Box. If you using an analog input on the M-Box, you may notice a slightly different sound. You are mainly paying for all of the extra inputs on an 002-Rack.
  6. nuclearmoon

    nuclearmoon Guest

    Excellent points by sdelsoray and Eric. See this is why RO rocks!
  7. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    If you don't have the A/D card for your ISA220, you should seriously consider it...it sounds much better than you'd think it would for $500, since you've already payed for the chassis, power supply, and some of the analog circuitry (which is a big part of the cost of a converter). It also gives you a second input so you can use it as a converter for another device as well.


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