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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by v-man, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I'm thinking about buying a digi002. It will be used mostly for recording acoustic stuff. Has any one used this? I also need a mike for around $400. What would be a good mike for guitar and vocals. I've used a AKG3000 and liked it alot. Any sugestions.

    Thanks Brad
  2. Markd102

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    Apr 24, 2001
    The 002 is fantastic for acoustic music. You'll be very happy with it.
    However, if you don't really need the control surface, I suggest you save half your money by getting the 002R. Identical specs in a rack-mount format without the control surface faders etc.

    Be aware that Digi harware is very picky about the computer you use. They have rules for both Macs and PCs. Make sure you research these thoroughly before you purchase.

    As for a microphone, you can do HEAPS better than a C3000 for $400. I'd look at the Studio Projects range. I'd even take their $90 B1 over a C3000 8)
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    DIGI002 - Got it, Love it.

    Don't forget a good mic pre.
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    Jan 28, 2004
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    I have the digi002, and I like it a lot, but it is actually the software that makes it (ProtoolsLE) so great, more so than the surface. An 002 is pretty expensive and I don't know how many tracks you need to be recording simultaneously or how intensive your mixes are going to be, but when one says "acoustic music" I tend to think of a pretty simple setup. You could get the 002r also, but you don't need to unless you are recording several instruments at once.

    You might want to go with the M-box. From what I understand the mic pre's are as good as the 002. And you can use an outboard pre if you want. You will save $2000 retail which could get you a lot of good gear.

    Do take a look at your computer. You might find that a lot of your budget needs to go there if you are going to use Protools LE. I spent 1600 on my 002 (Ebay) and then found I needed to invest $1000 in a new computer to run PT.
  5. TomMaag

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    You can get them pretty cheap on ebay now.
  6. i just used a NT4 on acoustic guitar.. WOW..
    i've only recorded acoustic guitar a few times.. but it never sounded this good.. check out the NT4
  7. hamish

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    hey C9 u used the NT5's before?
    I jsut got them a week or two ago with my digi002r and its all sounding sweet... havent used the nt4 yet tho... i m loving stereo
  8. i haven't had a chance to try the nt5's.. but the nt4 is great for stereo miking too..

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