Digi001...a purchase mistake??

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by zip, Nov 6, 2001.

  1. zip

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    Please offer perspective. The comments I have been reading on other forums scares me.

    "I'll be honest...I've been reading a ton of these Digi001 posts and they are making me uneasy. I can live with 24 tracks but more would be nice. So - I can bounce.
    What REALLY worries me is I'm a PC user and I hear about no Win2000 / XP support... I currently use 98SE but I hear XP is more stable. It also sounds like a reduced number of available plug-ins for PC's vs MAC...

    And what's all this about purchasing upgrades?? You mean if they upgrade LE to be XP compatible I have to buy more software??

    Am I making a big mistake?? If so - someone please stop me! I have heard the results from the 001...great sound. I've heard about ease of use...sounds great. But am I going to kick myself in the posterior??

    $800 is a big investment for me.

    zip >>"
  2. Well, honestly I dont think the 001 is a big mistake if you understand what your getting into.
    You have to realise digidesign has their own way of doing things.
    If you feel comfortable with what they think you should have in a largely closed platform it is a very efficient and stable way of working.
    Part of how digidesign works is they move very slowly. And thats they're tdm systems. They're other stuff theyre excruciatinglky slow with, it has lower priority.
    They will support xp, since its Microsofts home operating system, but the question is when. They are absolutely the worst as far as drivers because they essentially sell their soundcard to work with their software, so if you would like an asio 2 driver for instance or a direct x driver your $*^t out of luck because that doesnt fit in with they way the corporation wants you to use their product.
  3. zip

    zip Guest

    mr. rob...

    Thanks for the response. What I am trying to understand is would I be better off - say buying a Delta 1010 and Steinberg VST for the same money?

    I'm a bit confused with all the contraversy.

    zip >>
  4. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Mr Rob is right..Digi works in mysterious ways...they want you to get hooked on the LE system and then realize...hey I should move up to the full blown version and spend way more money than you need to get a really amazing system..but for the home user that makes no sense..if you are wanting to work in the industry and want to learn pro tools than the LE system is for you..gets you ready for the big time!!!
    Now..if you just want to make really decent sounding demos...that can be achieved on Cubase, Cakewalk or Logic for that matter..hell, even Samplitude or Cool Edit Pro. If you have the right hardware and knowledge of audio then you can make it sound good. Trust me...I've made slammin songs on a cakewalk system before..it's all technique.
    Plus with any other software program you can expand to any hardware you want..many plugins..whether it be VST or DirectX..and as many tracks as you need depending on your systems ooomph!! Many people definately get bitten by the LE bug..its great..dont get me wrong..but it's not for those who want to do more than it offers..24 tracks to me is just way too limiting..I like being able to be flexible on what I do. Hell, I have Nuendo, Layla20, Tascam US428..PIII650...I do 40+ tracks with plugins and love it...win 98, ME, 2k or XP...
    just my good ol $.02 worth
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    I use the 001 at home all the time. I use Mac. PC's let you run WAY more plugins if they're configured right. Digi's getting ready to release a whole new product line some time soon. Each system (Pro Tools, Emagic, Steinberg etc.) offer their own benefits. Digi is definitely a little sneaky in getting you hooked with the 001. Pro Tools is the most popular though so it's a trade off.
  6. lwilliam

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    Oct 6, 2000
    Santa Clarita, CA USA
    Home Page:
    If I were buying today, I wouldn't buy an 001. I bought one two years ago when they first came out and that was then, and this is now.

    The MOTU 828 is a far better system than the 001 for a little less $$$ - but you can upgrade from Audiodesk to DP for a little more $$$. It has ADAT sync and you can use more than one if you need more i/o.

    As far as Protools software goes, it's pretty hard to beat it for pure audio recording and editing. It's midi is irritatingly cumbersome, however. I've used Cubase for years as a midi sequencer (and then as a DAW) and it's midi is pretty slick compared to the rudimentary PTLE midi.

    Cubase audio editing and mixdown automation is just lame, however. I haven't tried Digital Performer or Logic Audio, but I hear they aren't a whole lot better. Logic Audio 3.0 is supposed to change all that in January.

    If most of what you do is live audio (real instruments vs midi instruments), then PTLE would still be a good choice. However, the more you do midi instruments and virtual synths (which are midi), the less you'll like PTLE.

    Remember that Protools started as an audio editor and Digi tacked on midi two years ago when version 5.0 came out (and PTLE was released), whereas most of the other major DAWS started as midi sequencers and they tacked on audio editing roughly five years ago.

    The Digi001 and PTLE are showing signs that they are near the end of their "product life cycle".

    I'm seriously considering upgrading my Cubase to 5.1 or just switching to Logic Audio. PTLE works and sounds good, but I keep bumping up against it's limitations.

    Note that you CAN use the 001 interface with DP, Cubase (and Nuendo), and Logic Audio. Drivers are available now for all of them. ASIO2 Direct i/o drivers should work with most DAW packages.
  7. zip

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    Drum roll please...

    After much consideration I purchased the 828 / Logic Platinum. Only one prob so far...98SE is not recognized by the 828.

    I need to contact Motu and see if the 828 supports XP or I will need Me or 2000. It's always something... :)
  8. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    heh? It's supposed to work in 98!! What Firewire card do you have? You have to watch out for certain cards since they have chipsets that the 828 do not like!! Make sure your firewire card is supported!!
  9. Steve Smith

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    Whatever you do.. NEVER BUY/INSTALL Windows ME.. It is singly the biggest piece of crap os I have ever had the misfortune to use!!!

    and that was just apps.. no audio.. I cannot imagine usine a ME machine for anything critical....

    just my 2C.. YMMV, but I doubt it.


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