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  1. i use a Delta 1010 at the moment. i was looking at upgrading to the Motu 828MKII but at the same time i have artist that need PT and i really need to master the software since i might be working be working in a Hd2 studio.

    is the Digi002R "THAT" much better than the delta1010 or is it a slight difference in the sound?
    the pres i'm not to worried about b/c i have outboard pres.

    my other question is how well does the Digi002R work with Nuendo 2.2? thats what i mainly run i'll use PT only when i need it. seeing its track limitations i can't use it everyday seeing that i often use more than 32 tracks.
  2. :? anyone care to comment
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    Wait, what program are you using? PT or Nuendo? Answer that and maybe more people can help. Right now it seems that you want to use two programs...
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    Right... It's my understanding the Digi stuff (002r) only works with Protools. If you buy the 002r, Protools comes with it. I am using the 002, and I love Protools.
  5. BOTH. if i buy the Digi002R i'll be using both apps b/c i have artist that have things under PT, plus i need to get use to it again.

    mainly use nuendo 2.2 in my studio, it never limited me like PT does
    personally i don't love pro tools.. i've never liked the interface, the design of the software.. nothing. not to mention all the limits LE has... but these days i need pro tools just a little
    as for digi stuff only working with protools, i don't know who told you that but the interfaces work fine with other software

    the 002R has asio drivers which allows it to work perfect with nuendo.
    a studio i use to work with ran a digi001 w/ cubase a long time ago so it does work. actually, i went to the accel tour.. and a pto tools Accel HD3 works with nuendo too :D

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