digimax lt - clicking/clipping problems?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by swprophet, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. swprophet

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    I am using a powermac G5 / digi002 and I am having a problem hooking up the digimax lt with the 002. I have had the unit for a few months but didn't need it until now. The digimax hooks up via lightpipe...when I arm the track in protools and select the digimax inputs the line clicks/clips - even when I don't have a mic/instrument hooked into the input. i have the sample rates matched...does anyone know why this is happening ?
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  3. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2006
    Either the Digimax needs to clock to the 002, or the 002 must clock to the Digimax.

    Get an SPDIF/AES converter, like the one from Canare, and use the SPDIF out of the 002 to the word clock in of the Digimax.
  4. ramrod

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    Like TVpostSound said, you need to clock the Digi 002 to the Digimax. I have the same setup so I'm assuming that your connecting the Digimax to the digi 002 through the ADAT connection. You can clock through the ADAT cable so you don't need anymore cables. Go to Setups, Hardware Setup and set the clock to ADAT. It should get rid of your problem.
  5. swprophet

    swprophet Guest


    yeah i thought that the digi002 was already clocked to the digimax...because it worked flawlessly when i first purchased the unit and was testing it out...apparently in the 3 months or so of me not using it things got misconfigured. All is well and in great working order. Thanks


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