Digimax vs. Digital Mixers?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by sickstring, Sep 27, 2004.

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    Hello to all, I have never posted, but have always found the advice from recording.org to be top notch!

    I currently have a Digi 001 with a Digimax 8 ch mic pre. The pre's for the Digimax are decent enough for my purposes and also give me 8 more channels of input and has worked great for me in tracking in the past. My set up also includes some gates and compressors from Behringer a 2442 16 channel Behringer UB board, BBE, and a Yamaha 32 channel dual band EQ. I mainly use the board for rehearsing with my band and as a control room section for my monitors and headphone mixes (the Digi 001 has a minimum 128ms latency issue). I was thinking of buying a Mackie HUI for a control surface, but then I thought maybe a digital mixer would be in order and then I could sell all my outboard gear. The only problem I am having is there are no comparisons to the Digimax pres and the pres on the Tascam and Yamaha digital boards. I like the idea of a digital mixer as it would work great for rehearsal and port to recording much easier than running everything from scratch for each to avoid latency issues when rehearsing. I have spoken with Presonus and they say that the pres in the Digimax are class A mic pres and I want to make sure if I do this that I can get the same quality pres in a digital mixer with HUI emulation for pro tools control, any ideas and has anyone else ever faced this same dilemma? Thanks for the help.

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