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    im in the market for new audio converters. i have the delta 44 now and using sonar 2.0. i run through ART tubes for pre amp and ART VLA for compression. then taking that signal through mackie 1202-vlz for monitoring(gain at unity). the mic is the Neumann tlm103 and am also about to purchase akgc451 so i can stereo mike things like an acoustic or dobro or whatever for that matter. am also looking at purchasing a very high quality pre like an avalon to go with this setup. my question is what audio converter would be the best for me. i am shooting for high quality(since i found out how importan converters are). oh, am also going to cubase sx3 for my daw and working on acousticly treating my room. i have the 4 inputs now with the delta 44 but rarely use all of them. i know i would be way more happy with two inputs that are top of the line than a whole bunch poopy ones. i talked with a guy at good ol sam ash and he has directed me towords the personas firewire rack(8 midgrade converters) for 600$.
    he said that was the best bet for me, BUT.. i know there has to be just two converters for around that same price that are smokin! please help and sorry about the book i just wrote.(just wanted you guys to get the best idea of what to do)! thanks a bunch!
    P.S. whats the deal with the word clock. do i need one?
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    There is quite a difference of opinion on this board as to how important coverters are relative to outboard gear, room, talent etc. some people swear that they open up the sound field, add punch and clarity, and depth..others swear they can't really hear the difference until you get into ultra-high end gear and even then it's not necessary for most applications.

    I tend to be more in the middle- I own a digi 002r and bought an RME 48k box back when I had a 001 because the 001 converters were bad enought that I felt they were a bottleneck in the system. THe RME serves me quite well- better than the 002, but not a whole lot better- so if I was in the market now, I'd probably invest that money elsewhere as the 002r is fine- I've heard absolutely great recordings done with it and have heard awful ones done with super-expensive cranesong converters with u87's, GR mp2v. Either way, the lynx stuff gets lots of praise around these parts- especially if you only need a few in ata time- lynx 2 is over your budget, but will do the trick and will proabbly hold its use value for some time. The support is excellent over there- i spent a while on the phone talking with the tech and he was very helpful and patient. Might want to look around for a used RME box.

    hope this helps....
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    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    I'll second finding a used RME box! eBay has them fairly often, and I just picked up a used Multiface + HDSP PCI card for $550, and a used ADI-8 Pro (over -110 dB S/N!!!) for $565.

    About ~$1100 for both units (retail would be well over $2500! :eek: ). I now have 16 fairly good channels of AD/DA with great headroom on the DA outs, and 2-channel SPDIF I/O (AES compatible), a seperate dedicated HP output, AND the RME "Totalmix" latency free DSP (no host processor load) matrix mixer for insane routability and upto 9 independant STEREO HP mixes! Don't forget MIDI I/O - and ALL of this only takes up 1 PCI slot (perfect for my Shuttle XPC). And you can get a PCMIA card for a Laptop! Sorry - I just can't shut up about my new PC and Audio Interface :D ...

    Runs like a champ on my P4 3.0E system w/ XP Home. Nuendo loves it, too. It might not be a Lavry, but RME is no slouch by any means. New RME gear is well worth the price, and used RME gear is an incredible value IMO. Driver Support is also outstanding. :cool:

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